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Tools and Help

We're glad you want to work with the open data files available in our data catalogue. This page has a few tips and tricks to use. Of course, we aren't officially endorsing anything you find here as the "tool of choice" or "best tool", etc. We're simply trying to offer some workarounds and insight on how to get into and use our data! For now, we have these tips showing in a carousel format. As we provide more items, we'll change that up.

Crowd Source to the max!

Let's use our community and crowd source this assistance page to the max!

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If you spot something confusing in an explanation or have another tool that can do work arounds, or have a work around ... let us know!!!

We want to make this page as useful and current as we possibly can for users ... you! We hope to add video tutorials and more as we morph this into something special for users.

Contact us with edits, new details, new tools, workarounds and suggestions at: opendata@toronto.ca

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