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The Best Start Network met for the last time on December 1, 2011.

In its place, the Toronto Child and Family Advisory Network has been established. This new network will build on the success of Best Start in promoting positive outcomes for children and their families.

The Toronto Early Childhood and Family Resource System Pathway and Resource Listing is available online. These pathways help link families to appropriate community services and programs that promote development, reduce risks, and address developmental concerns.

Building on the Momentum: Strengthening a Network of Community Systems
In March 2011, the Toronto Best Start Network hosted a community forum called "Building on the Momentum: Strengthening a Network of Community Systems". Presentations from the forum are now available, including Dr. James Dunn's "Healthy Child Development and Levels of Social Organization:From Neurons to Neighborhoods to Nation-States", and presentations from the three Best Start Demonstration sites: Hamilton, Lambton/Chatham-Kent and Timiskaming.

The Best Start Plan: Toronto Vision for Children outlines Toronto's plan to bring services together through the development of a community / neighbourhood hub delivery system; promoting collaboration between the service providers and by forming clusters of services. Implementation is taking place in two phases.

The Toronto Best Start Network champions systems change in the delivery of services for children 0-12 years.

Working Together

Education, child care and family support practitioners have produced innovative documents to guide collaborative practice in the early years. These companion documents offer practical suggestions to enhance coordination and integration of services for young children and their families.

Child Care


Family Support

Best Start Expert Panel Reports

  • A report of the Expert Panel on Early Learning: Early Learning for Every Child Today / - A framework for Ontario's early childhood settings / L’apprentissage des jeunes enfants à la portée de tous dès aujourd’hui - Un cadre d'apprentissage pour les milieux de la petite enfance de l'Ontario.
  • A report of the Expert Panel on Quality and Human Resources: Investing in Quality
  • A report of the Expert Panel on the 18 Month Well Baby Visit: Getting it Right at 18 Months...Making it Right for a Lifetime

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