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Long-term Financial Plan Public Consultation

This data set contains input from the Long-Term Financial Plan consultation held by the City of Toronto. The purpose of posting this dataset is to create a record of the consultation and the public's views, in a respectful way without offensive or otherwise inappropriate content, and to protect the City from legal liability.

The questions in this survey will help the City to understand the public's information needs, and opinions of the City's ability to manage expenses and revenues and to achieve its goals. The survey includes questions on:

  • The City's financial goals and priorities
  • Expense management
  • Revenue options
  • Asset optimization
  • Information and communication needs

The data set has been reviewed to ensure that the content does not:

  • Contravene the City's policies or applicable laws related to anti-discrimination, human rights or privacy;
  • Include information that identifies an individual other than one acting in an official capacity, nor any comments that are personal attacks on someone's character, personal or business affairs, etc.;
  • Address an issue before the courts or outside of the City's jurisdiction, or comments on another organization or private company;
  • Contain unsubstantiated rumours or potentially libellous statements;
  • Contain obscenities, derogatory, insulting, offensive, violent or hateful language;
  • Include any email addresses, attachments, or web links.

In cases where such comments are found, only the language that contradicts the policy is removed by staff — the remainder of the comments remains in the data set.

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