Want to know how to make your business, workplace, school or community more bicycle friendly?

  • Survey employees to find out what they would like to see in the way of cycling infrastructure or programs.

  • Organize a group ride or cycle-to-work-pool. This could be the first step to starting a BUG (Bicycle User Group) at your workplace.

  • Encourage your employees to participate in Bike Week events. Post and distribute the City's calendar of events.

  • Request free Post & Ring bike racks on City property. Call the City at 416-392-9253 for more information.

  • Make space available inside your workplace for bicycle parking. An area that can be monitored by staff or security cameras will further reduce the possibility of bike theft.

  • Consider how you could use bicycles to deliver packages or goods from your business, either with a bicycle courier company or by employees. Larger items can be delivered by bike trailer.

  • Establish a pool of bicycles for use by employees to travel to and from meetings or work-related travel during the day.

  • Call the Bicycle Promotions Office at 416-392-7592 to arrange a special seminar or course on safe and effective cycling, or to get more tips on integrating cycling.