The City conducts polls to determine the opinions of property owners, residents and businesses that could be affected by a change in their neighbourhood regarding:

When an application for a proposal is submitted, the City conducts a poll of people in the affected area.

In order for a poll to be considered positive it must meet benchmarks as determined by specific by-law or city policy.

If the result of the poll is positive, the application may proceed through the approval process. Depending upon the type of poll, final approval by City Council may be required.

Polls regarding boulevard cafes, parking and traffic are conducted according to City of Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 190 - Polling and Notification.

Polls regarding business improvement areas are conducted according to Municipal Code Chapter 19, Business Improvement Areas.

More Information on Boulevard Cafe, Parking and Traffic Polls

ExpandHow is a Poll Conducted?

Every owner, resident and tenant in the polling area is mailed a:

  • Notice giving information about the poll and the deadline to submit a ballot
  • Ballot
  • Postage-paid return envelope

Owners, residents and tenants can them:

  • Complete the ballot
  • Return the ballot in the postage paid envelope by the deadline indicated on the Notice.

Poll results are available 10 business days after the final day of polling.

ExpandWho Can Take Part In a Poll?

You can take part in a poll if you are:

  • Eighteen years of age on or before the final day of polling


  • An owner, resident or tenant of property in the polling area

ExpandHow Can You Get a Ballot?

If you are eligible to take part in a poll but didn't receive a ballot you can:

  • Complete a Polling Affidavit in the presence of a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits
    • Commissioners for Taking Affidavits are available at Registry Services. You must phone for an appointment. There is no fee for this service
    • You could find a Commissioner for Taking Affidavits by contacting 211 Toronto, dialing 411 for Directory Assistance or by searching the web
  • Submit the Polling Affidavit to Registry Services

ExpandWhat are the Benchmarks for Boulevard Cafe, Parking and Traffic Polls?

If a poll meets the requirements shown below, the poll passes, subject to Council approval and the proposal will proceed:

Subject of a Poll Percentage of ballots mailed which must be returned Number of ballots submitted which must be marked in favor of the proposal

Off-street parking

  • Front Yard Parking
  • Commercial Boulevard Parking
25% 50% plus 1
Permit Parking 25% 50% plus 1
Traffic Calming 50% plus 1 60%
Boulevard Cafe 25% 50% plus 1

If a poll does not pass:

  • Off-street Parking, Permit Parking, Traffic Calming and Boulevard Cafe Polls that do not pass cannot be conducted again for two years
  • Front Yard Parking Polls cannot be conducted again for three years

More Information on BIA Polls

ExpandHow is a BIA Poll Conducted?

Registry Services mails a BIA Poll Notice to each business property owner in the proposed BIA area.

A business property owner must give a copy to each commercial and industrial tenant of the property within 30 days of receipt.

These documents are posted to the City's website:

  • BIA Poll Notice giving information on the proposal and how to submit a ballot
  • The Declaration and Ballot for the poll
  • A Proof of Ownership or Tenancy form
  • Map of the proposed BIA area

Poll results are available within 15 business days of the last day of polling.

ExpandWho Can Take Part in a BIA Poll?

You can take part in a BIA poll if, in the proposed BIA area, you are:

  • A business property owner,
  • A commercial tenant


  • An industrial tenant

You can only submit one ballot even if you own more than one property or business in the area

ExpandHow Can You Take Part in a BIA Poll?

If you are eligible to take part in a BIA poll, you can:

  • Complete a Declaration and Ballot
  • Complete a Declaration and provide proof of ownership or tenancy, if you are a:
    • Property owner who purchased the property within the last 12 months
    • Commercial tenant
    • Industrial tenant
  • Submit the documents by the deadline indicated on the Notice to:
    • Email:Polling@toronto.ca
    • Fax:416-392-1260
    • Mail: Registry Services, City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Rotunda, Toronto, ON M5H 2N2

ExpandWhat are the Benchmarks for a BIA Poll?

A by-law to establish, expand or repeal a BIA will not be passed if:

  • The number of accepted ballots submitted fails to exceed the lesser of a minimum of 30% of the number of notices mailed, or 100 ballots


  • 50% or more of the accepted ballots respond in the negative.