2016 Spring Maintenance on the Expressways

The City's Transportation Services, Engineering and Construction Services, Parks, Forestry & Recreation, Solid Waste Management Services and Toronto Water, along with Toronto Hydro, worked together to co-ordinate their work and operations during the closure of the Gardiner Expressway and Don Valley Parkway.

The City appreciated the public's co-operation during the weekend closures, which was required to keep the roadways in a safe, operable condition for the motorists who use it on a daily basis.

This work was part of the City's comprehensive, co-ordinated strategy to rehabilitate and upgrade Toronto's roads, transit and underground infrastructure for current and future needs.


Gardiner Expressway Closure May 13-16, 2016 

Key activities completed:

  • demolition of the Dowling Avenue bridge that spans the Gardiner Expressway
  • 7,900 square metres of road surface grinding and paving on 2.1 lane kilometres of roadway
  • 8,700 metres of crack sealing
  • 650 potholes filled
  • 1,300 square metres of bridge deck repaired
  • 690 metres of guiderail installed
  • seven crash systems repaired
  • 430 tonnes of debris removed
  • more than 150 curb-kilometres of roadway flushed and swept
  • 860 catch basins cleaned and flushed
  • 520 trees pruned
  • 17 tonnes of logs and wood chipped
  • 35 bridges inspected, five of those chipped as a result of inspection
  • 500 street lights re-lamped along with 200 metres of conductor replaced and 50 new street light fixtures installed
  • 467 signs, including overhead signs, inspected, maintained and repaired
  • 28 culverts inspected
  • 133,000 metres of line painting installed
  • 11 variable message sign site assessments completed
  • 20 closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras inspected, and
  • 15 bridges inspected.



Don Valley Parkway Closure April 15-18, 2016 

Key activities completed:

  • 40,000 square metres of grinding and paving of the roadway
  • 600 metres of guiderail installed, including eight end treatments
  • four crash systems repaired
  • 410 tonnes of debris removed
  • 1,300 square metres of graffiti removed
  • more than 100 curb-kilometres of roadway flushed and swept
  • 500 catch basins cleaned and flushed
  • 665 trees pruned
  • 34 bridges inspected and minor repairs made where needed
  • 400 streetlights re-lamped
  • 575 signs inspected, maintained and repaired
  • 33 traffic control cabinets inspected and repaired
  • 44 culverts inspected
  • 14,000 metres of cracks sealed
  • 137,000 metres of line painting installed
  • 16 CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras inspected, and
  • repair of eight RESCU vehicle detectors.

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