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The current Official Plan is intended to ensure that the City of Toronto evolves, improves and realizes its full potential in areas such as transit, land use development, and the environment.

The most recent Official Plan consolidation of policies is in effect as of June 2015. The consolidation incorporates these amendments/updates:

  • OPA 199 – Heritage Policies incorporated into Chapters 1–5
  • OPA 214 – Affordable Housing Policies incorporated into Chapters 1–5
  • OPA 274 – Transportation Policies incorporated into Chapters 1–5
  • Portions of OPA 231 approved by the Ontario Municipal Board on June 22, 2015 incorporated into Chapters 1–5
  • Chapter Six is updated to June 2015
  • Chapter Seven is updated to June 2015 and is consolidated in one PDF.

Organization of the Official Plan

Chapter 1 articulates a vision for our future and outlines the principles for a successful city upon which the Plan is based

Chapter 2 sets out the urban structure of the City, develops the strategy for directing growth within the structure and sets out policies for the management of change, through the integration of land use and transportation

Chapter 3 contains policies to guide decision making based on the Plan's goals for the human, built, economic and natural environments

Chapter 4 contains the land use designations which apply across the City, which together with the land use maps implement the strategy for managing change set out in Chapters 2 and 3
Chapter 5 sets out a general approach to implementing the Plan, including the policies to guide local planning in the City

Chapter 6 contains the Secondary Plans, which are more detailed local development policies to guide growth and change in a defined area of the City

Chapter 7 contains site and area specific policies that vary from one or more of the provisions of the Official Plan and may require a further layer of local policy direction for an area. For Site and Area Specific Policy Maps, please select the Area-Based Maps below.

Step 1: Click on any area labelled A to K  | Step 2: In the window pane on the left, click on the link to desired map including; Land Use Plans; Site and Area Specific Policies; Secondary Plans; Specific Policy Areas | Step 3: Click on links to desired policy text including Chapters 1 - 5 and Site and Area Specific Policies | 

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Areas G/ H/ I

12 City wide maps

Information Purposes

The online version (10 mb) of the Official Plan is a consolidation of the Official Plan policies in effect as of June 2015. It is provided for INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY. For legal purposes, reference should be made to the original certified documents which are on file with the City Clerk including the Official Plan as approved by the Ontario Municipal Board on July 6, 2006 and subsequent Official Plan Amendments.

The Special Policy Area policies in Section 3.4 of the Official Plan remain under appeal along with a number of specific policies and Secondary Plans shown in red on Map 35. Please refer to the Orders and associated Attachments on the OMB website for a complete listing of outstanding appeals.

Reference should also be made to all Ontario Municipal Board decisions

While the City of Toronto endeavours to ensure the information on this site is current, accurate, and complete, the City assumes no responsibility for errors and is not liable for any damages resulting from the use of, or reliance on, the information contained on this site.