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Strategic Transportation Study: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport & Eireann Quay


Note: This study relates to the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Review project and will be completed following Council's Decision on the Porter Airlines request.

A Strategic Transportation Study of the area around the Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) and Eireann Quay is being undertaken to resolve traffic congestion issues and address community concerns.

The study is being managed by City of Toronto staff with the involvement of other partners including, Toronto Port Authority, Toronto District School Board, and Build Toronto. Determining what improvements need to take place now and in the future to provide a better balance between the community and airport activity is a key objective of the study. Specifically the objectives are to:

  • ensure safe and efficient operation of the City School complex
  • address traffic and community concerns over construction traffic, long term access arrangements, and operation of the BBTCA
  • promote effective and efficient access to and from the BBTCA, and vehicle parking


Project Schedule

August 2012 Study terms of reference and public meeting
September 2012 Establish Community Liaison Group, meet with this group and other stakeholders, collect additional data, begin assessment
Oct/Nov 2012 Preliminary findings, identification of potential improvement options and public meeting
TBD Prepare draft Strategic Transportation Plan that provides a framework for improvements including required approvals, estimated costs, responsibilities and detailed study/design. Hold a public meeting to present this material.
TBD Study completion and final report

December 12, 2012
Public Meeting

Meeting No. 2 Agenda
Display Boards
Presentation – Study Update and Display Boards Overview
Public Comment Sheet

November 26, 2012
Preliminary Concepts

Stolport Corporation presented to the study team with a list of preliminary concepts for the BBTCA and Eireaan Quay. These concepts are available for viewing online.

November 6, 2012
Community Liaison Group and Stakeholder Group Joint Meeting Materials

The November meeting of the community and stakeholder groups was focussed on 6 themed workshops aimed at identifying transportation planning solutions for further consideration, including medium and longer term solutions. A number of resource materials (specific to each theme) were made available to participants in order to aid in the discussions, and all of the information is provided below. Please note that some of the information is preliminary and may be further refined. A summary of the workshop results are also provided below for each of the six discussion themes.

Resource Materials

Existing Traffic Assignment
Canada Malting Site - Previous Principles
Taxi Coral Plan at Gardiner Expressway (Option 1 and 2)
Inventory Map of Improvements - Draft
Airport Shuttle Bus Users Summary

Workshop Summaries

Off-Site Taxi Location
Medium and Long Term Improvements
Canada Malting Site
Bathurst/Lake Shore/Fleet Improvements
Short Term Improvements
Shuttle Bus Improvements

Other Information

Future Traffic Assignment - Preliminary
Airport Passenger Survey Summary Report

Next Steps

- Study team will refine transportation solutions with the consideration of input received from previous workshop meetings.
- A public meeting to further consider this information is anticipated to occur in December

October 2, 2012
Community Liaison Group and Stakeholder Group Joint Meeting Materials

CLG and Stakeholder Joint Meeting Agenda
Final Study Terms of Reference
Presentation: Short-Term Solutions Overview
Presentation: Medium- and Long-Term Solutions Overview

August 27, 2012
Public Meeting Materials

Meeting No. 1 Agenda
Draft Study Terms of Reference
Presentation – Strategic Transportation Plan
Presentation – Recent Traffic Operations Changes
Presentation – Current Construction Initiatives


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