Social Development Dashboard

The Toronto Social Development Dashboard (SDD) is an “at a glance” look at key socio-economic indicators in the human services sector. The Dashboard provides a graphical summary of recent indicators to help inform the City of Toronto's decision-making on a range of social development issues. It provides quarterly snapshots of social wellbeing in the city of Toronto. 

The Dashboard currently features 21 indicators across six categories: Labour Force Participation, Immigration, Socioeconomic Vulnerability, Social Assistance, Housing, and Child Care. Most of the indicators (15 of the 21 total) are collected every quarter. For five of the indicators, the data is only available annually, and for one indicator, only every five years.

The Dashboard also contains a definitions page with descriptions of the indicators and web links to sources of more information. You can read the introductory presentation by staff to the Community Development and Recreation Committee for the inaugural edition of the Dashboard.

Click the links to access PDF versions of the Social Development Dashboard.

The data in the dashboard will also be available through the City of Toronto's Open Data Initiative. The link to this will be provided here and will also be catalogued at

The Dashboard is assembled by the Social Development, Finance & Administration division, with the assistance of the Affordable Housing Office, Children’s Services, City Planning, Economic Development and Culture, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration, Toronto Employment and Social Services, and the Daily Bread Food Bank. Data is also drawn from Statistics Canada's Labour Force Survey, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.

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