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Data catalogue - Parks and recreation

Use the catalog below to access the City of Toronto's datasets. Click on the name of a dataset to view additional information for that dataset. By accessing the data catalogue, you agree to the Open Data license.

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Bicycle Count and Locations

These files provide the locations of where the September 2010 Bicycle Counts were collected as well as the results at each location.

Shapefile, XLS

Bicycle Counts

This dataset contains the movements of cyclists at various intersections and multi-use trails within Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile, Excel

Bicycle Post and Ring Locations

The City of Toronto installs post and ring bicycle parking stands on City sidewalks and boulevards which have a minimum width of 2 metres. Transportation Services performs site inspections of requested locations to determine if the suggested location is suitable for this program.

ESRI shapefile (up to 2005) and Excel (2011)


The Toronto bikeways data contains bicycle lanes, signed bicycle routes and pathways

ESRI Shapefile, WGS84

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Festivals & Events

This dataset lists all festivals, special events and exhibits (etc.) approved to appear on the City of Toronto Festivals and Events Calendar.


Forest and Land Cover

High resolution land cover dataset for Toronto with eight land cover classes.

Erdas Imagine Large Raster Spill file

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Multi-Use Trail Entrances

A geospatial file that shows where all the trail accesses are located in the City of Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile

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Boundaries for the green spaces within the City of Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile

Parks Drinking Fountains

Citywide coverage of Parks showing number of operational drinking fountains in City Parks.


Parks and Recreation Facilities

This dataset provides information on the recreation facilities administered by Toronto's Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division.


Public Art and Monuments

The dataset provides a complete map of the City of Toronto's Public Art & Monuments Collection. The Collection includes 290 artworks and monuments installed throughout Toronto, both indoors and outdoors.

ESRI Shapefile, Excel

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Recreational Courses Historical Data

This dataset contains historical data on City of Toronto courses of recreational programs offered by Parks, Forestry & Recreation Division.


Recreational Drop in Programs

Listing of locations where Leisure Swimming, Leisure Skating and Aquafit drop-In programs are offered by Parks Forestry and Recreation (PF&R), Community Recreation.

ESRI Shapefile, Excel

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School Locations – All Types

A geographical spatial file containing all of the address points of all of the schools within the City of Toronto.

ESRI Shapefile

Street Tree Data

This data set contains the common and botanical name as well as diameter size, street address and general location reference information for street trees within Toronto. 


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Tennis Courts Facilities

This dataset contains information on City's tennis courts facilities and associated amenities


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Waste Wizard Lookup table

This data set feeds Waste Wizard, an online waste sorting tool found on Solid Waste Management Service's homepage. It contains over 1500 waste items and provides information on how to properly handle and dispose of the item.


Wellbeing Toronto - Environment

This dataset contains information relating to the Environment for the 140 neighbourhoods that make up the City of Toronto. The dataset includes data on green spaces, green rebate programs, City green retrofits, pollutants and carcinogenic scores and the City's tree cover.


Wellbeing Toronto - Recreation

This dataset contains information about parks and recreation programs, registration, various types of facilities and permits.


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