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Toronto History and Architecture Book List

History and Architecture:

Arthur, Eric. Toronto. No Mean City. 3rd. ed. Revised by Stephen A. Otto. Toronto: University of Toronto, 1986. - Architectural history of pre-1900 Toronto traces the historical development of the city.

Careless, J. M. S. Toronto To 1918. An Illustrated History. Toronto: James Lorimer and Company, 1984. - Provides general historical overview up to World War I with photographs and illustrations; companion to Toronto Since 1918.

Dendy, William. Lost Toronto. 2nd ed. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1993. - Includes historical photographs with descriptions of over 100 demolished landmark buildings.

Dendy, William, and William Kilbourn. Toronto Observed. Its Architecture, Patrons and History. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1986. - The history of Toronto is traced through its buildings, beginning with the military and colonial structures of the early 19th century, and concluding with projects from the early 1980s.

Gatenby, Greg. Toronto: A Literary Guide. Toronto: McArthur & Company, 1999 - A showcase of the many Canadian and international authors that have spent time in the city, living or staying in the 62 neighbourhoods.

Hayes, Derek. Historical Atlas of Toronto. Toronto: Douglas & Mcintyre, 2009. - Toronto's history as told through historical maps. 

Lemon, James. Toronto Since 1918. An Illustrated History. Toronto: James Lorimer and Company, 1985. - Companion to Toronto To 1918

Lundell, Liz. The Estates of Old Toronto. Erin, Ont.: Boston Mills Press, 1997. - An examination of thee great properties that were eventually swallowed up as Toronto grew. Some became the focal points of today's metropolitan neighborhoods and others are remembered only in street names.

McHugh, Patricia. Toronto Architecture. A City Guide. 2nd ed. Toronto: McClelland and Stewart, 1989. - Architectural and historical guide to various city neighbourhoods

Wise, Leonard, and Allan Gould. Toronto Street Names: An Illustrated Guide to Their Origins. Firefly Books, 2011. - Provides the fascinating and curious stories of how more than 340 Toronto streets got their names.

Toronto Architects:

Carr, Angela. Toronto Architect Edmund Burke. Montreal/Kingston: McGill-Queen's University, 1995.

Litvak, Marilyn M. Edward James Lennox. Toronto: Dundurn, 1995.

McArthur, Glenn, and Annie Szamosi. William Thomas, Architect 1799-1860. Ottawa: Carleton University, 1996.

Style and Preservation:

Blumenson, John J.G. Ontario Architecture. A Guide to Styles and Building Terms 1784 to the Present. Toronto: Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 1990.

Fram, Mark. Well-Preserved: The Ontario Heritage Foundation's Manual of Principles and Practice for Architectural Conservation. Erin, Ont.: Boston Mills Press, 1987.

Kalman, Harold. A History of Canadian Architecture. 2 vol. Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1994.

Rempel, John. Building with Wood and Other Aspects of 19th Century Building in Central Canada. Rev. ed. Toronto: University of Toronto, 1980.

Toronto Neighbourhoods:

Brown, Ron. Toronto's Lost Villages. Boston Mills, 1997.

Byers, Nancy, and Barbara Myrvold. St. Clair West in Pictures. 2nd ed. Local History Handbook No. 8. Toronto Public Library Board, 1999.

Campbell, Mary, and Barbara Myrvold. The Beach in Pictures. 1793-1932. Local History Handbook No. 6. Toronto Public Library Board, 1988.

Gibson, Sally. More Than an Island. A History of the Toronto Island. Irwin, 1984.

Hutcheson, Stephanie. Yorkville in Pictures 1853 to 1883. The Early History of Yorkville. Local History Handbook No. 2. Toronto Public Library Board, 1978.

Laycock, Margaret, and Barbara Myrvold. Parkdale in Pictures. Its Development to 1889. Local History Handbook No. 7. Toronto Public Library Board, 1991.

Miles, Joan, ed. West Toronto Junction Revisited. Boston Mills, 1986.

Myrvold, Barbara. The Danforth in Pictures. A Brief History of the Danforth. Toronto Public Library, 1979.

Historical Walking Tour of Kensington Market and College Street. Toronto Public Library Board, 1993.

Ritchie, Don. North Toronto. Boston Mills, 1992.

Rust-D'Eye, George H. Cabbagetown Remembered. Boston Mills, 1984.