Pedometer Newsletter

Pedometer is an electronic publication produced by the City of Toronto. It reports on Pedestrian Projects and associated programs, such as Coordinated Street Furniture and Beautiful Streets. It is used as a forum to educate, inform, and increase awareness on matters relating to pedestrians and the City's public realm. Pedestrian projects and programs are important to help strengthen, celebrate, and ultimately elevate the quality of Toronto's public spaces. 

is expected to be published two to three times a year.

Recent Issues

Issue 6: March 2017

Issue 5: September 2016

Issue 4: June 2015

Issue 3: November 2013

Issue 2: September 2012

Issue 1: October 2011

Submissions and Contact

If you have questions or comments regarding pedestrian news stories, please contact walking@toronto.ca

If you have a photo, which relates to City of Toronto pedestrian projects or related pedestrian programs run by the City of Toronto which you would like to submit, please send it for review by City staff. If your submission is suited to a news story to be published in Pedometer, City of Toronto staff will contact you to advise you of the inclusion of your submission in this publication.

The mandate of Pedometer does not include the publication of pedestrian information, which is unrelated to City of Toronto pedestrian projects. There is no compensation for photo contributions made to this publication and the City of Toronto reserves the right to crop or edit submissions. City of Toronto has no obligations to include submissions in any publications.


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