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Sites & Venues

This site will provide information about City of Toronto Facilities and Civic Centres that are available for use by non-profit and charitable groups.

It will also provides link to City web pages with information about booking other City-owned and operated  facilities.

Upcoming Special Events


Toronto City Hall

City Hall

Toronto City Hall is one of Toronto's best known landmarks. Its stunning, modernist structure makes it an ideal symbol of a dynamic and growing city.

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Civic Centres

City of Toronto owns and operates a number of sites that can be rented for special occasions, including banquets, weddings, receptions, product launches, awards ceremonies, photography sessions, film shoots and other special events.

Entrance to Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall is located at 5110 Yonge St., just steps away from North York Civic Centre and subway station.

A busy NPS during Tasty Thursdays

Nathan Phillips Square

A place where people and politicians gather and celebrate, coming together in the spirit of openness, community and democracy. In 2013 a revitalized square reopened to once again ignite applause, as it did, over 45 years ago when it was first opened.

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Union Station

As Canada's busiest transportation hub and designated National Historic Site, the Union Station revitalization will improve the quality and capacity of the pedestrian movement; restore heritage elements; and transform it into a major tourist destination.


Corporate Security

The Corporate Security Unit is committed to supporting and enhancing the safe delivery of City services. We do this by providing and maintaining an appropriate level of sustainable proactive and reactive security and life safety.