Municipal Liquor Licence Clearance

Municipal Clearance for a Liquor Sales Licence

What You Need to Know

When submitting your documentation to Registry Services you must have a business licence number from Municipal Licensing & Standards.

Your establishment must be ready for inspection within 30 days from the day your application is submitted.

If your application includes an outdoor patio you must ensure that a building permit has been issued that includes the patio OR that you have obtained a preliminary zoning review for the patio. If you are unsure call Toronto Building at 416-395-7000.

Registry Services will:

  • Complete your Municipal Information form and submit it to the AGCO
  • Circulate your application and documentation to Fire Services, Toronto Building and Public Health for letters of approval
  • Give notice of your application to Toronto Police Services, Municipal Licensing & Standards and the City Councillor for the area


Fire Services, Toronto Building and Public Health will:

  • Contact you to arrange an inspection
  • Conduct the inspection
  • Provide the AGCO with the required approval or denial


You will then be contacted by the AGCO.

How to Apply

Submit to Registry Services:

  • The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) Municipal Information form
  • Floor plans identifying the proposed area to be licensed
  • The City's Municipal Liquor Licence Clearance form
  • An administration fee: 
    • Effective April 3, 2017 - $817.36 (including HST)
    • Payments accepted: Cash, debit, credit card or certified cheque payable to "Treasurer, City of Toronto"