Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities

New! Through the Growing Up initiative, the City of Toronto is studying how new vertical communities can better accommodate children and youth. Watch the mini documentary to hear Cinzia, Adam and Faith share their stories.

Growing Up: Planning for Children in New Vertical Communities is a study being undertaken by the City Planning Division that examines how new multi-unit housing in high-density communities can better accommodate the needs of households with children and youth. 

Many households with children already live in multi-unit buildings. In 2011 for example, 32% of households with children in the City of Toronto lived in mid and high rise buildings. The objective of the study is to ensure that families – both present and future, are given the opportunity to thrive in higher density housing – the fastest growing building type in the City.

The study will give direction on how new development, regardless of tenure, can better function for growing families by considering three scales of inquiry: the unit, the building and the neighborhood. Issues such as unit size and layout, building amenities, the design of the public realm and amenities in the surrounding neighborhood will be addressed.

The City has retained a consultant team of Urban Strategies Inc.; Hariri Pontarini Architects; Jane Farrow, Public Consultation; the MBTW Group along with strategic advisor Jeanhy Shim to assist with the study, development of the handbook, public and stakeholder consultation activities.