Parks, Forestry & Recreation

Toronto Parks

One of the greatest strengths of our city is our wonderful parks system. Big or small, these parks offer everything from play to quiet relaxation. Our parks let you absorb the peace, quiet and natural beauty of the outdoors without leaving the city.

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Location Address Map It
Abbotsford Park 2 A ABBOTSFORD RD
Acacia Park 68 LILAC AVE
Academy Soccer Field 95 JONESVILLE CRES
Adams Park 2 ROZELL RD
Adanac Park 15 BELMUIR PL
Addington Greenbelt 15 BRENTWOOD AVE
Agincourt Park 27 GLEN WATFORD DR
Agnes Macphail Square 900 PAPE AVE
Ailsa Craig Parkette 16 AILSA CRAIG CRT
Alamosa Park 111 ALAMOSA DR
Alan - Oxford Parkette 31 ALAN AVE
Albert Campbell Square 150 BOROUGH DR
Albert Crosland Parkette 14 FULLER AVE
Albert Standing Park 50 BOGERT AVE
Albion Gardens Park 41 DEANLEA CRT
Alderwood Memorial Park 215 SHELDON AVE
Aldwych Park 134 ALDWYCH AVE
Alex Marchetti Park 1 SUN ROW DR
Alex Murray Parkette 107 CRESCENT RD
Alexander Muir Memorial Gardens 2901 YONGE ST
Alexander Park 33 ALEXANDER ST
Alexander Street Parkette 16 ALEXANDER ST
Alexander the Great Parkette LOGAN AVE
Alexandra Park 275 BATHURST ST
Alexmuir Park 205 ALEXMUIR BLVD
Allan A. Lamport Stadium Park 1155 KING ST W
Allan Gardens 160 GERRARD ST E
Allanhurst Park 1336 ROYAL YORK RD
Amberdale Ravine Park 101 BRIMORTON DR
Ambrose Parkette 5 AMBROSE RD
Ames Park 272 BANBURY RD
Amesbury Park 151 CULFORD RD
Amos Waites Park 2441 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Amsterdam Square 525 AVENUE RD
Ancaster Park 43 ANCASTER RD
Ancona Park 15 ANCONA ST
Aneta Circle Parkette 184 NEWTON DR
Anniversary Park 410 PARLIAMENT ST
Anson Park 50 MACDUFF CRES
Antibes Park 109 ANTIBES DR
Apted Park 50 APTED AVE
Arena Gardens 78 MUTUAL ST
Arlington Parkette 460 ARLINGTON AVE
Arsandco Park 151 PRUDENTIAL DR
Art Eggleton Park 323 HARBORD ST
Arthur Dyson Parkette 1404 PAPE AVE
Ashbridges Bay Park 1561 LAKE SHORE BLVD E
Ashtonbee Reservoir Park 21 ASHTONBEE RD
Asquith Green Park 19 PARK RD
Asterfield-Plumrose Blvd Parkette 75 ASTERFIELD DR
Audrelane Park 60 AUDRELANE CRT
Austin Terrace Boulevard Lands AUSTIN TER
Avalon Parkette 1700 KINGSTON RD
Avondale Park 15 HUMBERSTONE DR
Avonshire Parkette 1 A OAKBURN CRES
Avro Park 49 KESWICK RD