Parks, Forestry & Recreation

Toronto Parks

One of the greatest strengths of our city is our wonderful parks system. Big or small, these parks offer everything from play to quiet relaxation. Our parks let you absorb the peace, quiet and natural beauty of the outdoors without leaving the city.

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Cairns Avenue Parkette 93 CAIRNS AVE
Caledonia Park 1141 CALEDONIA RD
Camborne Parkette 110 CAMBORNE AVE
Campbell Avenue Playground 225 CAMPBELL AVE
Canadian Ukrainian Memorial Park 425 SCARLETT RD
Candlebrook Crescent Park 13 CANDLEBROOK CRES
Canmore Park 101 CANMORE BLVD
Canoe Landing 95 FORT YORK BLVD
Capri Park 596 THE EAST MALL
Carlaw Avenue Parkette 805 CARLAW AVE
Carlton Park 20 EDITH AVE
Carney Park 17 CARNEY RD
Carsbrooke Park 415 RENFORTH DR
Carscadden Greenbelt 32 CARSCADDEN DR
Carstowe Road Lands 151 CARSTOWE RD
Cartwright School Park 100 BENTWORTH AVE
Casa Loma Parkette 328 A WALMER RD
Cashman Park 4 LANGMUIR CRES
Cassandra Park 230 CASSANDRA BLVD
Cassels Avenue Playground 69 CASSELS AVE
Castlefield Parkette 621 CASTLEFIELD AVE
Caswell Park 18 CASWELL DR
Cataraqui Park 15 FIRVALLEY CRT
Cathedral Bluffs Park 24 LYME REGIS CRES
Cawthra Playground 355 ALBANY AVE
Cayuga Park 120 CAYUGA AVE
Cedar Brook Park 91 EASTPARK BLVD
Cedar Ridge Park 225 CONFEDERATION DR
Cedargrove Park 100 FARMBROOK RD
Cedarvale Park 443 ARLINGTON AVE
Centennial Park - Etobicoke 256 CENTENNIAL PARK RD
Centennial Park - Scarborough 225 CENTENNIAL RD
Centre Park 15 CENTRE AVE
Chalkfarm Park 2230 JANE ST
Champlain Parkette 50 CHAMPLAIN BLVD
Chandos Park North 75 LIGHTBOURN AVE
Chandos Park South 19 CHANDOS AVE
Chaplin Parkette 310 CHAPLIN CRES
Chapman Valley Park 60 CHAPMAN RD
Charles Brereton Park 306 OAKWOOD AVE
Charles Caccia Park 348 Nairn AVE
Charles G. Williams Park 75 WABASH AVE
Charles Sauriol Conservation Area 1191 LAWRENCE AVE E
Charles Sauriol Parkette 4 HILLSIDE DR
Charles Street Parkette 83 CHARLES ST E
Charlotte Maher Parkette 550 ROEHAMPTON AVE
Charlottetown Park 65 CHARLOTTETOWN BLVD
Charlton Park 166 CHARLTON BLVD
Chartland Park 99 CHARTLAND BLVD S
Chartwell Park 99 KENHATCH BLVD
Chater Court Park 1 CHATER CRT
Chatsworth Ravine 900 DUPLEX AVE
Chauncey - Islington Parkette 1116 ISLINGTON AVE
Chelsea Avenue Playground 103 CHELSEA AVE
Cheltenham Park 43 MILDENHALL RD
Cherry Beach Clarke Beach Park 1 CHERRY ST
Cherry Beach Sports Fields 275 UNWIN AVE
Chester Le Park 255 CHESTER LE BLVD
Chesterton Shores Park CHESTERTON SHORES
Chestnut Hills Park 1391 ISLINGTON AVE
Chipping Park 35 CHIPPING RD
Chorley Park 245 DOUGLAS DR
Christ The King Park 475 Rathburn Road
Christie Pits Park 750 BLOOR ST W
Churchill Heights Park 60 MOUNTLAND DR
Clairlea Park 45 FAIRFAX CRES
Clanton Park 30 PALM DR
Clarence Square Park 25 CLARENCE SQ
Clarinda Park 31 CLARINDA DR
Cliff Lumsdon Park 101 LAKE SHORE DR
Cliffside Ravine 10 DELANO PL
Cliffwood Park 280 CLIFFWOOD RD
Close - Springhurst Parkette 70 CLOSE AVE
Close Avenue Parkette 116 CLOSE AVE
Cloud Gardens 14 TEMPERANCE ST
Clovercrest Parkette 23 CLOVERCREST RD
Cloverdale Park 85 SHAVER AVE S
Clydesdale Park 116 CLYDESDALE DR
Cobble Hills Parkette 6 COBBLE HILLS
Coe Hill Drive Parkette 110 COE HILL DR
Coleman Park 19 COLEMAN AVE
College Park 420 YONGE ST
Collingsbrook Parkette 136 COLLINGSBROOK BLVD
Collingwood Park 30 COLLINGWOOD ST
Colonel Danforth Park 73 COLONEL DANFORTH TRL
Colonel Samuel Smith Park 3145 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Colonial Park 150 BRIDLEGROVE DR
Colony Park 2100 MARTIN GROVE RD
Columbus Parkette 1985 DUNDAS ST W
Commander Park 140 COMMANDER BLVD
Conacher Park 645 CONACHER DR
Confederation Park 250 DOLLY VARDEN BLVD
Conlands Parkette 7 CONLAND AVE
Connaught Circle Parkette CONNAUGHT CIR
Connorvale Park 281 RIMILTON AVE
Constable Percy Cummins Parkette 235 CONNOLLY ST
Corktown Common 155 BAYVIEW AVE
Cornell Park 18 BERAN DR
Coronation Park - Etobicoke 10 JUDSON ST
Coronation Park - Toronto 711 LAKE SHORE BLVD W
Coronation Park - York 2700 EGLINTON AVE W
Cortleigh Parkette 375 CORTLEIGH BLVD
Corvette Park 40 CORVETTE AVE
Cosburn Park 115 ROOSEVELT RD
Cotsworld Park 44 COTSWOLD CRES
Coulter Ave Parkette 15 COULTER AVE
Courthouse Square Park 10 COURT ST
Coxwell Avenue Parkette 429 COXWELL AVE
Coxwell Avenue Playground 450 COXWELL AVE
Coxwell Ravine Park 460 O'CONNOR DR
Craigleigh Gardens 160 SOUTH DR
Craigton Court Tot Lot 14 CRAIGTON DR
Crawford-Jones Memorial Park 80 DEE AVE
Creekside Park 3600 BAYVIEW AVE
Crescentwood Park 35 CRESCENTWOOD RD
Cresthaven Park 37 CRESTHAVEN DR
Crocus Park 165 CROCUS DR
Cruickshank Park 2196 WESTON RD
Cullen Bryant Park 50 BARBARA CRES
Cummer Park 823 CUMMER AVE
Cummer Parkette 6024 LESLIE ST
Curran Hall Ravine Park 815 SCARBOROUGH GOLF CLUB RD
Curtin Park 34 RIVERDALE DR
CY Townsend Park 455 WINONA DR
Cynthia - Frimette Parkette CYNTHIA RD