Antica Village Children's Day Care Centre (646508 Ontario Ltd)

Antica Village Children's Day Care Centre (646508 Ontario Ltd) (3893)

360 Hullmar Dr  (Steeles W. / Jane) Ward: 8

This commercial, licensed child care, serves children 2 years 6 months to 10 years. It is located in Antica Recreation Centre.
A child care fee subsidy may be available to help you with the cost of child care.

Program Offerings and Quality Ratings

Early Years Programs Capacity Quality Rating
Preschool 16 2.84   / 5
Before- and After-School Programs Capacity Quality Rating
School age 15 2.33   / 5
Nutrition   Quality Rating
Nutrition - Meals, Snacks, and Food Safety  3.86   / 5

Centre Contact

  • Phone: Kristiana Moak-Burt,  416-661-8666

More Information*

Centre escorts children to the following schools:

  • Walk to Blacksmith Public School
  • Walk to Shoreham Public School
  • Walk to St. Augustine Catholic School
*This information has been provided by the child care. Please contact the centre for the most current information.

Program Support

Toronto Children's Services Consultant, Darlene Thompson, 416-392-3322, visits this centre during the year and provides support and consultation to families and the centre as needed.

Special Needs Resource staff, Jessica Lauzon, 416-460-3783, is available to help this centre and the family when a child has an extra support need.

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