Museums & Heritage Services

Colborne Lodge.jpg

Colborne Lodge

Located in High Park, this museum holds community events, seasonal craft workshops, camps for kids and more.

Gibson House.jpg

Gibson House Museum

This 1851 Georgian-style farmhouse was the home of Surveyor and Rebel David Gibson and his family.


Mackenzie House

The last home of Toronto's first Mayor features a working 1850s printing press.

Montgomery's Inn.jpg

Montgomery's Inn

The inn provides a look at 19th-century rural life and the role of the tavern in Colonial Canada.


Scarborough Museum

The museum's log home and late 19th-century farmhouse tell the story of the area's rural past.


Spadina Museum

The stately 55-room home of a prominent Toronto family. The house includes extensive gardens and orchards, and has been meticulously restored to its 1920s appearance.

Todmorden Mills.jpg

Todmorden Mills

Set in the Don Valley, Todmorden Mills played a large role in Toronto's industrial growth and history.

Zion Schoolhouse.jpg

Zion Schoolhouse

This restored one-room schoolhouse interprets a typical day for students in 1910, in the rural community of L'Amaroux.