Environmental Health

Heat Alerts and Extreme Heat Alerts

Beginning May 15, 2015, Toronto Public Health will implement a new Harmonized Heat Alert and Response System (HARS) for dealing with heat events in the City of Toronto.

Toronto Public Health staff will monitor HARS to determine when the Medical Officer of Health should declare a heat or extreme heat alert.  This new system provides a consistent approach for processing and issuing heat alerts in Ontario.  It also provides evidence-based heat alert triggers which are based on the association between temperature, humidex and mortality.  During this time, the website is updated daily with the current alert status.

During Hot Weather Conditions

Please call or visit family, friends and neighbours, especially isolated seniors to make sure they are alright.

Other groups at risk include:

  • people with chronic and pre-existing illnesses
  • infants and young children
  • people on certain medications
  • those who are marginally housed or homeless

Beat the Heat

Picture of a boy riding in a car with the window down

Heat and Car Safety

Find out how rising temperatures inside a car can be dangerous for children. 

Information for Landlords and Community Partners

Picture of an apartment building

Hot Weather Protection Plan for landlords

How landlords of rooming houses, lodging homes and other multi residential premises where vulnerable individuals reside, can play an important role in protecting their tenants from extreme heat.

Extreme Heat in Apartment Buildings