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Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge Environmental Assessment Study

The City of Toronto is investigating options to address the declining condition of the Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge spanning Rosedale Valley Road.

The Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge is deteriorating and is in need of major improvements.  This EA study will assess the existing conditions, identify alternatives, and recommend a preferred solution, which may include proposing a new bridge design. As well, consultation with the public will be an important part of the EA study process.

Public Information Centre #1

A Public Information Centre (PIC) was held on September 28, 2016 from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at St. Paul’s Church (227 Bloor St. E). The event provided the public the opportunity to learn about the City’s study, the work completed to date, including the project team's recommended alternative solution, and the next steps in this process.

The information materials from the event are available for viewing below.

Download a PDF (6.5 MB) version of the above PIC #1 panels to zoom in (enlarge), view offline, or to print.
If you require assistance in reading these materials, please contact Jason Diceman 416-338-2830

The September 28 Public Information Centre had 73 participants sign in, share their opinions and speak with staff. We also received 34 completed online feedback forms. The overall results of the public consultation so far can be summarized as follows:

  • Consistent support for replacing the bridge in its current location, with general preference for a similar simple design. 
  • Desire for personal safety improvements in the pedestrian tunnel. 
  • Competing views on whether cycling should be accommodated and if so, how it could be done.


A detailed public consultation report will be published as part of the final Environmental Study Report.

Further public consultation on potential bridge design and tunnel improvements will be carried out this spring 2017.  Subscribe to the email list below to receive updates.

Located Between Bloor Street East and South Rosedale

This pedestrian-only structure between Sherbourne Street and Parliament Street, spanning the Rosedale Valley Road, provides a north-south connection from the north side of Bloor Street East to the intersection of Glen Road and Dale Avenue.


Over a Century of History

South Glen Road Bridge 1895For over 130 years, Glen Road has had a bridge over Rosedale Valley, connecting the community of Rosedale to the city. This study respects the importance of this historic connection and will give appropriate consideration to the cultural heritage value of the bridge structure. The bridge is listed on the City’s inventory of heritage bridges and is part of the South Rosedale Heritage Conservation District.

Transportation Services is working closely with Heritage Toronto to ensure the future of the bridge honours its history, and that heritage elements are preserved where possible.

As part of this MCEA study, a cultural heritage evaluation report (CHER) will be undertaken, including a CHER recommendation and a heritage impact assessment, as required.


FACT: In 1992 a by-law was enacted to formally change the name of the Glen Road Footbridge to the Morley Callaghan Footbridge.

For this study, we use "Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge" for sake of local recognition.


The Future of the Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge

As noted, the Glen Road Pedestrian Bridge is a heritage structure extending from Bloor Street East in the south to Glen Road in the north, passing over the Rosedale Valley Road.  The bridge is identified as needing major improvements. 

Previous bridge rehabilitation was completed in 2001.  Emergency repairs on the structure were completed in early 2015, with ongoing annual inspections to ensure the safety of the bridge.

The completion of the repairs in 2015 has extended the time-frame to undertake this MCEA study, which will determine the future of the bridge.

Alternative solutions for the bridge will be developed and evaluated.


Study Process

This study is being carried out as an MCEA Study (Schedule C). The MCEA process includes identifying the problem or opportunity to be addressed, developing and evaluating a reasonable range of alternatives to identify a preferred solution and design, and providing opportunities for public input. 

The City aims to present a recommended solution (e.g., rehabilitate or replace the existing bridge) in September for public feedback.  Further public consultation on alternative design options will be carried out in the months to follow.

The City is working closely with local Councillors, residents' associations, and other stakeholders to ensure community needs are met throughout this project.

It is anticipated that the MCEA study will be completed in Spring 2017.

There is currently no schedule for implementation.  The City must first complete this EA study, receive endorsement from City Council, secure funding, and complete detailed design.


Study Scope

The pedestrian bridge structure is the focus of the MCEA study. Any major changes to the existing approaches to the bridge, such as the pedestrian tunnel under Bloor Street East and the adjoining stairs, sidewalks and roads, are not included in this study.  However, opportunities for minor improvements, such as lighting, etc., will be taken into consideration.  


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Get Involved

You are invited to learn more and to share your insights and opinions at any time. Subscribe to the email list above to receive updates.

All submissions will be documented, reviewed by the project team and included in the project record.


Jason Diceman
Sr. Public Consultation Coordinator, Public Consultation Unit, PPFA   416-338-2830

Information will be collected in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and the Environmental Assessment Act. With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record.


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