The City of Toronto has consistently been a leader in environmental policies and initiatives. In 2009, City Council approved the Toronto Green Standard, a two-tier set of environmental performance measures applied during the planning process to create more sustainable developments and help build a resilient city. Also, in 2009 Council adopted the City's Green Roof By-law, making Toronto the first City in North America to have a by-law to require and govern the construction of green roofs on new development. Other leading environmental initiatives include Bird Friendly Design Guidelines, Best Practices for Effective Lighting, the Biodiversity booklet series and Guidelines for Biodiverse Green Roofs.

City Council also adopted a strategy in 2008 for climate change adaptation as well as placed an increasing emphasis on the creation of a city that is resilient to the projected effects of climate change.

Official Plan Public Consultation

In August 2014 Council approved draft revisions to the Official Plan environmental policies and Planning and Growth Management Committee authorized proposed environmentally significant areas (ESAs) as the basis for public consultations that followed in fall 2014. Links to the reports on the draft policies and proposed ESA designations, the materials used in the consultations, and a consultation summary are provided below under ' 2014 – Draft Policy Changes and Consultation'.

In June 2015, Council directed that revised policies and ESA designations be endorsed as the basis for public consultation at an open house in June 2015. Links to the proposed policies and designations and the materials used in the consultations are provided below under '2015 -  Proposed Policy Changes and Open House'.

In June, 2015, Council also directed staff to prepare a Final Recommendations Report with a proposed Official Plan Amendment containing revised policies and ESA designations to be submitted to the Planning and Growth Management Committee at its September 2015 meeting, and that the report be considered at a Special Statutory Public Meeting on October 8, 2015. (Please be advised that the date of the Committee meeting in September 2015 has changed and it is now scheduled for September 16, 2015). A link to the staff report and details about the Special Statutory Public Meeting are provided below.

2015 - Special Statutory Public Meeting

Staff report: Official Plan Five Year Review:  Amendments to the Official Plan Environmental Policies and Proposed Designation of Environmentally Significant Areas – Final Recommendation Report: PGM September 16, 2015

Date:  October 8, 2015
Time:  10:00 am or as soon as possible thereafter
Place:  Committee Room 1, Second Floor, City Hall
            100 Queen Street West, Toronto

2015 - Proposed Policy Changes and Open House:

Staff Report:  Official Plan Review: Results of Public Consultations, Revised Environmental Policies and Proposed Designation of Environmentally Significant Areas: PGM May 14, 2015

Open House Display Panels
Open House Presentation

 2014 - Draft Policy Changes and Consultation

Staff Report:  Official Plan Review Draft Environmental Policies: PGM August 7, 2014
Environmentally Significant Areas - Proposed Official Plan Amendment: PGM August 7, 2014 

Consultation Display Panels
Consultation Presentation

New Initiatives

Bridge Over East Don River

Ravine Strategy

The survey on Toronto's ravines closes on July 24th: http://bit.ly/RavineStrategy

The City is developing a Ravine Strategy to guide the future use, management, enhancement and protection of Toronto's ravines and wants to hear from you. Take part in the Ravine Strategy Survey to have your say and share your views on Toronto's ravines and their future.

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