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Public notices

Statutory notices
The City is required to give notice to the public of intent to pass by-laws for a number of actions and to provide information about notices of sale, heritage matters and other matters from Community Councils and committees. City Council determines the type of notice unless specified by legislation. Council adopted the minimum public notice requirements for notice given under certain legislation (City of Toronto Municipal Code, Chapter 162, Notice, Public). The notice requirements include posting on the City's website. 

See below for current statutory notices, or link to past notices.

Current statutory notices

Current notices

Redividing the City of Toronto's Ward Boundaries

  • At its meeting of March 28 - 30, 2017, Toronto City Council intends to enact a by-law to redivide the ward boundaries of the City. View public notice.


Heritage lands

Property Name and Address

Type of Notice

Date of Notice

 90 Burndale Avenue Notice of Decision March 22, 2017
 33 Laird Drive Intention to Designate March 22, 2017

Notice of Sale of Property

February 2017 notices regarding the sale of property City Council has declared surplus to the City's requirements:

City Council

Meeting of March 28, 29 and 30, 2017

  • Notice of the imposition of special charges on benefitting properties under the City's Residential Retrofit Program. View public notice.

Etobicoke York Community Council Area

Meeting of February 22, 2017

  • To consider a proposal to pass a by-law to permanently close a portion of Valley Crescent at the rear of 75 to 81 Westbury Crescent. View public notice.

Licensing and Standards Committee

Meeting of March 6, 2017

  • Municipal Licensing and Standards is proposing that the Council of the City of Toronto create a new bylaw for apartment buildings. View public notice.

Toronto and East York Community Council

Meeting of April 4, 2017

  • To consider a proposal to name 4 public lanes located in Ward 21 St. Paul's as "Alan Slobodsky Lane", "Dov Altman Lane", "Fernandez Lane" and "Art Lives Here Lane". View public notice.

  • To consider a proposal to name the 5 public lanes located in the blocks bounded by Cottingham Street, Avenue Road, Macpherson Avenue and Rathnelly Avenue as "Robin Fraser Lane", "Rebellion Lane", "Stop Spadina Lane, "Aileen Robertson Lane" and "Michael Snow Lane". View public notice.

  • To consider a proposal to name the public lane located between Munro Street and Hamilton Street, extending northerly from Kintyre Avenue as "Peggy Ann Smith Lane". View public notice.