Revenue Services

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Utility Bills

The City of Toronto mails one Utility Bill that includes your water billing and your Solid Waste Management fees. 

The water and sewer service portion of your Utility Bill pay for a number of services such as the supply and delivery of water to your home or business, water treatment facilities, lead testing, water meter reading, sewer use/maintenance, water meter replacement/installation, and service line repairs (up to the property line). 

Your Bill

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Paying a Utility Bill

Several payment options are available to you when paying your Utility Bill including Pre-authorized Utility Bill Payment Program.

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Billing Cycle

Depending on usage, your Utility Bill will be issued tri-annually (three times per year) or monthly. 

Rates and Dates

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Solid Waste Rates

City Council approved a 3% increase in 2014 for Solid Waste Management Services User Fees and Rates

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Water Rates

Effective January 1, 2014, Toronto City Council approved a 9% general water rate increase for all water consumers.

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Administrative fees in accordance with the City of Toronto Municipal Code.

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Utility Certificate

Your lawyer may obtain a Utility Certificate for parties intending to purchase or finance a property. 

Utility Bill Arrears

Utility Bill Arrears

Late payment charges will be added to your Utility Bill if not paid on time. If your Utility Bill is not paid within 58 days of your due date, the amount due will be transferred to your Property Tax bill.