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Union Station Revitalization — Get on Board!

Welcome! Union Station is Canada's busiest, most important multi-modal passenger transportation hub, a designated National Historic Site and a significant part of Toronto's history and identity.  More than a quarter-million people use Union Station daily. The City of Toronto is leading Union Station's revitalization with three objectives: to improve the quality and capacity of pedestrian movement; to restore heritage elements; and to transform Union Station into a major destination for shopping, dining and visiting.

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Major milestones in the Union Station revitalization

The City of Toronto, alongside Metrolinx and TTC are moving forward with extensive projects that will contribute to the overall revitalization of Union Station. Learn more about current and future milestones in the revitalization of Union Station.


Digital art pays tribute to Union Station

The City of Toronto, in partnership with OCAD University, has launched a temporary, digital art installation at Union Station. Designed by Che Yan, a graduate of OCAD U's Digital Futures Initiative, the interactive exhibit pays tribute to the venerable station and cherished public space.


City invites input on Walks and Gardens art

The public is invited to give input into the designs of five international artists short-listed in a public art competition to commemorate the Walks and Gardens Trust at Union Station. 


Back-of-house areas get a facelift

If you haven't noticed already, nearly all of Union Station is now under construction. A glance from outside will show that restoration work is in full swing on the building's heritage façade.


Historic lounge makes a glamorous comeback

The Panorama Lounge, whose history goes back to 1927, returns to Union Station, boasting many of the original architectural and design elements and the latest in electronic gadgetry.


Media tour the 'dig down'

The City of Toronto gives journalists an opportunity to see the “dig down,” one of the initial and most significant stages of the revitalization.


City Council adopts the recommended approach

The recommended approach sees the City of Toronto retaining ownership of Union Station, while leasing out a new retail space to a private sector partner and dedicating a level to GO Transit and VIA Rail customers.

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Image Gallery

Historical photos, artist renderings of the revitalized Union Station, and much more.


Concurrent Projects

There's more than a billion dollars in construction taking place on Front Street. GO is revitalizing the train shed, while TTC is building a second subway platform.


North-West PATH

Union Station's revitalization will result in new pedestrian connections, including a new North-West PATH tunnel linking Front Street to Wellington Street.


Virtual Tour

Check out the micro-simulations of what the new Union Station will look and feel like.


Front Street EA

While Union Station is being transformed, the City of Toronto will also transform Front St. to improve pedestrian movement around the station.



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