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The Toronto Islands in winter, by Hannah MittelstaedtPhotograph by Hannah Mittelstaedt

Going to Ward’s Island in the off-season?

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. All facilities at Centre Island and Hanlan’s Point are closed until mid-April except for public washrooms:
    • Near the Ward’s beach
    • The fire hall
    • Centre Island
    • Halan's Point Ferry Dock
  2. All ferries go to and from Ward’s Island only. Please plan ahead to know your return boat schedule.
  3. Access to water, food and shelter is very limited. The Rectory Café, which is a short walk from Ward’s Dock, is usually open 11 a.m. - 5 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday in the off-season ( or 416-203-2152).  There are no other food options on the Island.
    Water is available at the public washrooms.
  4. It’s definitely cooler on the Island and there is no heated shelter. Dress appropriately. Gloves, Hat and multiple layers recommended.

Have a great day on the Island!

All Facilities on the Islands

Please note: Most of facilities are closed in winter. Refer to Islands off-season information to check what's open and to plan your visit.

ExpandHanlan's Point.

Park Facilities

  • 3 fully accessible washrooms
  • 1 washroom-changeroom
  • 1 changeroom
  • 8 drinking fountains
  • 11 water taps
  • 12 picnic areas with 4 fire pits
  • First Aid station

Food, Recreation and Fun

  • 2 snack bars (seasonal operation)
  • Toronto Islands Natural Science School
  • Bicycle rental
  • Historic Gibraltar Point Lighthouse
  • Serviced public boat moorings (48-hour limit)
  • 2 wading pools
  • 6 illuminated tennis courts
  • 2 softball diamonds
  • 3 volleyball courts
  • 2 supervised beaches (July and August)
  • Island Yacht Club on Mugg's Island (private)
  • Public phones
  • 2.48 kilometres from Hanlan's Point Ferry Dock to the Island Filtration Plant

ExpandCentre Island

Park Facilities

  • 2 fully accessible washrooms
  • 2 fully accessible washroom-change rooms
  • 1 washroom and 1 washroom-change room
  • 18 drinking fountains
  • 10 water taps
  • 21 picnic areas with 6 fire pits
  • 2 First Aid stations

Food, Recreation and Fun

  • 4 snack bars (seasonal operation)
  • Carousel Cafe and Island Paradise Restaurant, licensed (416-363-0496)
  • Bicycle rental (416-203-0009
  • Boat rental (311)
  • Centreville Amusement Area and Far Enough Farm
  • Toronto Islands Marina
  • Serviced public boat moorings (48-hour limit)
  • Historic Tram Tour (June-September)
  • 1 wading pool
  • 2 splash pads
  • Allan A. Lamport Regatta Course on Long Pond
  • The Island Church (non-denominational)
  • Avenue of the Islands Gardens
  • Franklin Children's Garden
  • Royal Canadian Yacht Club (private)
  • Public phones on Centre and Ward's Island
  • Frisbee golf course
  • Toronto Islands Recreation Ropes Challenge Course
  • Toronto Islands Natural Science School
  • 1.11 kilometres from Island Filtration Plant to boardwalk
  • 1.68 kilometres from boardwalk to Ward's Island Ferry Dock
  • 0.76 kilometres from Centre Island Ferry Dock to Lookout Pier

ExpandWard's Island

Park Facilities

  • 4 drinking fountains
  • 4 water taps

Food, Recreation and Fun

  • Queen City Yacht Club (private)
  • Ward's Island Beach (with washroom) and playground