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Dupont Street Study - Wards 19 and 20

In December of 2013 City Council adopted an amendment to the City of Toronto Official Plan which directed City staff to undertake a study of the Dupont Street corridor for lands in Wards 19 and 20. The study will look at the following: appropriate land uses, potential streetscape improvements, urban design and built form guidelines, transportation options, the function and design of Dupont Street, the impact of the rail corridor on potential development options and the possibility of utilizing a development permit system.

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City Council adopted the staff recommendations at its meeting on August 25, 2014 and it has subsequently been appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board. The pre-hearing at the Ontario Municipal Board is on March 24, 2015.


Terms of Reference for the Dupont Street Study

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Community Consultation #1 - February 10, 2014:

On February 10, 2014 about 150 community members, land owners and interested individuals came to Ecole Sacre Coeur to the launch of the Dupont Street Study. After a presentation by City Planning staff (see link below) the floor was opened to questions, after which the interactive portion of the evening began. Attendees were asked for input on 4 topic areas that will be covered by the study including: transportation, land use and height, retail and employment and public realm/streetscape. Maps and aerial photos of the study area for each of the topics were laid out on tables and everyone was encouraged to mark up the maps with comments, post-it notes, stickers and questions (see link to photos below). In addition to the 4 topic areas one map was used to gather input on strengths and weaknesses of this stretch of Dupont, and another recorded items and areas of interest that were not captured in the other maps. All the information gathered on the maps will be recorded and summarized, and will provide the study team with invaluable information that can form the basis of further study.

Community Consultation #2 - April 28, 2014:

About 140 people attended our second community consultation meeting for the Dupont Street Study. City Planning staff provided an update on a number of items and then provided information on open space, streetscape and transportation, as well as options for built form. Updates included a Community Facilities and Needs Assessment that is ongoing for the study area, a meeting on rail safety and mitigation that has been arranged as well as the schedule and process moving forward. Both the presentation and the Information Boards that were presented at the meeting can be accessed through the links below.

Community Consultation #3 - June 3, 2014:

Rail Safety and Mitigation - May 14, 2014:

The City has hired a rail consultant to review the safety and mitigation measures that should be implemented as part of any redevelopment in the Dupont Street Study Area. This meeting provided an opportunity for the consultant to present the findings and recommendations and to answer questions.

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Official Plan Amendment

Adopted by City Council on December 16, 2013 and enacted as By-law no. 1714-2013 on December 18,2013.

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