Living In Toronto


Arts & Culture Services

The City of Toronto is proud to play a vital role in the cultural life of the city. Committed to the development of arts and culture in Toronto, the Arts & Culture Services section undertakes a range of responsibilities including:

  • the operation and administration of many museums, historic sites, performing and visual arts centres; financial support for cultural activity and individual artists; encouraging public art projects in both private and public developments; and
  • assisting a wide range of community arts organizations in accessing and sharing municipal services and facilities.

Central to the mandate of Arts & Culture Services is:

  • promoting the development of arts, culture and heritage throughout the City;
  • ensuring accessibility to a variety of cultural activities that enhance the cultural attractions of the Toronto Region; and
  • providing direct cultural services through its museums, cultural centres and art galleries, and supporting the entire cultural sector of the community.

Pictured above is artist Dereck Revington's Luminous Veil on the Prince Edward Viaduct