Cultural Partnerships



The City of Toronto Grants Policy states that grant programs are a strategic tool used to achieve the City's social, economic and cultural goals. These funding programs represent a form of partnership with community based organizations which in turn contribute significantly to the goals in relation to community capacity, equitable access, well being, diversity, civic participation and civic cohesion.

While the majority of the City's cultural grants program is administered by the arm's length Toronto Arts Council, the Arts Services Section of Toronto Cultural Services provides grant workshops and resource information to the community on various internal and external grant programs.

City Culture Grants


Major Cultural Organizations

The City of Toronto provides annual funding to 11 cultural organizations through the Major Cultural Organizations program.


Local Arts Service Organizations

There are six Local Arts Service Organizations (LASO) receiving municipal funding. The LASOs strongly support the City of Toronto’s work in priority neighbourhoods and under-served geographic areas providing inclusive opportunities for children and youth and participants from a broad demographic spectrum through their services and programming customized to local needs.


Culture Build Investment Program

The Culture Build Investment Program provides matching funds to assist the City's not-for-profit cultural sector with funding for state of good repair capital projects.