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Your Golden City Course

Without a doubt, this is one of the finest and most challenging par 3 courses in Ontario. The course has 18 holes, each with a unique elevation between green and fairway with picturesque water hazards. Check out Dentonia Park for these five reasons:

Dentonia Golf Course

  1. Award-Winning Silver Award for Best Par 3/Executive Golf Course in the GTA, 2015 Golfer's Choice Awards

  2. Affordable - adults can golf for as little as $16/round (that's less than a movie with popcorn)

  3. Easy To Get To - right on the subway line!
  4. Practice Makes Perfect - a great spot to practice your short game

  5. Something for Everyone - this course is good for new and experienced golfers

Course Info

Supervisor: Dan Coote

Superintendent: Ron Walsh

Golf Professional-Manager: Bryan Farnocchi

Location: 781 Victoria Park

Telephone: 416-392-2558

  • Par 3 - 18 hole
  • Par 54 - 2176 yards
  • Pro shop with rental equipment
  • 55 car parking lot
  • 1 washroom / changeroom
Monday to Friday Weekends and Holidays
Adult - 18 $26.00 Adult - 18 $28.00
*Senior - 18 $18.00 *Senior - 18 $24.00
Junior - 18 $16.00 Junior - 18 $21.00
**Adult - 9 $16.00 **Adult - 9 $20.00
**Senior - 9 $11.00 **Senior - 9 $15.00
**Junior - 9 $11.00 **Junior - 9 $14.00
Twilight $20.00 Twilight $21.00
Replay Ticket $17.00  

* Seniors are 60 yrs+ and must show proper ID to qualify for the Senior rate. Juniors are 18 and under.

** 9 Hole Rates are only available at the end of the day, please contact the Pro-Shop for exact daily start times.


White Tee 102 104 103 110 111 169 100 97 129 1025
Par 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 27
Handicap 6 18 12 8 10 2 4 16 14  


White Tee 104 185 93 140 105 96 129 112 106 1070
Par 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 27
Handicap 13 1 9 3 11 15 5 7 17  


Total Distance 2095 yards
Total Par 54

Take a look at the handicaps and pars for Dentonia Park Golf Course, colour-coded for easy reference

Each of the Dentonia Park holes has a unique elevation between green and fairway, including picturesque water hazards.

Dentonia Park Golf Course hole layout

Finding us is easy! Dentonia Park is just north of Victoria Park subway station and is easily accessible by TTC

Map of Dentonia Park Golf Course location

Head Pro Lesson Rates

Private 1/2 hour Lesson

  • Adults $55 / Series of 6 lessons $325
  • Seniors $45 / Series of 4 lessons $175
  • Juniors $45 / Series of 4 lessons $175
  • Semi-private 1 hour Lesson, 2 golfers $120
  • Playing Lesson with the Pro $110 (A 1-hour, nine-hole, on-course playing lesson with a maximum of 3 golfers. Green fee tickets are extra. Offer on weekdays only.)

Golf Clinic

Clinics are offered by City of Toronto’s golf partner, Golf Plus Marketing. Please register for activities at least one week before the start date. Payment is expected at the same time as registration. All applicable taxes are extra.

Free Junior Clinic

FREE Junior Clinics on Sunday July 10; Saturday July 16; and Saturday July 23 are 60 minutes and offered prior to the nine-hole evening play period. Please see the Pro Shop for exact times.

Beginner Clinic

These clinics are a fun way for both men and women to discover and navigate the world of golf. Each series is four, one-hour classes at $125 per person. Equipment is provided. Maximum group size is four players per clinic.

Organize for your friends, or let us help put a class together for you to join. Future clinics and specialized clinics will be scheduled throughout the spring, summer and fall.

Need more information or call 416-392-2558.

Ladies League

Dentonia Park organizes the city’s largest Ladies League. Membership benefits include reserved evening tee times, lesson clinics, inter-club events and a season ending championship. The league is all about participation and having fun. Make new and lasting friendships with other women golf enthusiasts as you improve your golf game.

Ladies League memberships are also available at City of Toronto courses Tam O’Shanter, Humber Valley and Scarlett Woods.

Call the Pro Shop at 416- 392-2558 for details and to sign up now.

Course tips

  1. Hole # 1 - The first tee shot is on a green sloped back to front and right to left, so approach it from beneath the hole.
  2. Hole # 4 - Your first thought might be to tee it high and let it fly from this elevated tee to a very large green. But a chip to the downhill fairway will feed the ball to the centre of the green, where you can do a great putt for par or better.
  3. Hole # 11 - This is likely the most difficult and beautiful golf hole within the City's family of five golf courses. Standing on the tee, the dramatic elevation change with Taylor Creek to the right and forest to the left will require your most accurate shot of the day. In the spring local rules say to pick a tulip from behind the green left for a rare birdie.
  4. Hole # 18 - The kidney shaped green is a small target gaurded by a a bunkers across the back of the green and on the right hand side in the front. Trees down the left side of the fairway continue all the way to the green where they make any approach down the left side a risky proposition. Better to stay right and risk the bunkers than to be lost in the trees or worse, finding your ball out of bounds.

Five general tips to help improve your game

  1. Stretch and loosen up before playing. Perhaps the most overlooked tip for every golfer. Nothing can replace a solid 15 minutes of proper golf stretching so arrive early for your tee time to stretch out your muscles before play. Remember to enjoy the game, the company you're with and the beautiful City course surroundings.
  2. Visualize your desired stoke and the positive end result to help you stay relaxed. Your pre-shot routine: Check your grip, alignment and stance. This will allow you to picture the result of the shot you are about to play. A relaxed approach to your golf ball will keep soft hands and arms that allow your wrists to cock and release properly during your swing. Visualization provides confidence that allows you to enjoy playing in the moment.
  3. Establish tempo with a practice swing. As you wait your turn, use the time to get ready. Take a practice swing and find your swing tempo, timing and technique to prepare for your next shot.
  4. Play your ball flight pattern of that day. Every golfer develops their own specific ball flight pattern. Stay with the ball flight your alignment leads you to. Keep it simple to find consistency, experiment in practice and play with assurance
  5. Putt to the cup. Your eyes allow you to see direction, your hands control your feel for distance. Visualize the line of your putt. Look at the contour, slope and borrow of the putting surface. Then let your hands figure out the feel of putting that distance and how much you'll need to swing. Make sure you firm up the knocking knees and sink that second short putt!

Picturesque Dentonia Park Golf Course.

Dentonia Park Golf Course Dentonia Park Golf Course third hole looking towards the tee. A tree lined fairway of Dentonia Park Golf Course Fourth hole of Dentonia Park Golf Course
Dentonia Park Golf Course fourteenth hole looking to the east. Dentonia Park Golf Course fourteenth hole looking to the east. Dentonia Park Golf Course Dentonia Park Golf Course looking towards the twelveth hole from the tee box.



Value Packs

Receive 12 adult rounds for the price of 10! The best part is… you can the share rounds with your friends.

Value Packs are on sale at all courses, but act fast as supplies are limited. Terms and conditions apply.

Family Playing Golf

Family Nights

Saturday and Sunday evening, golf nine holes with your whole family. Children under 18 play for free with each adult green fee purchased

Replay Ticket - Person on golf course

Replay Ticket

Unique to Dentonia Park, purchase and play one Adult weekday ticket and return within 7 days with your ticket stub for an $9 discount on your weekday morning round (holidays excluded).