Garbage & Recycling

Community Environment Days

Reuse, Recycle and Safely Dispose

Do your part in creating a cleaner, greener and more liveable Toronto. Bring us your unused and unwanted household items and you will help to:

  • Extend the life of a product by offering it to someone for reuse.
  • Reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and ensure that it is properly recycled.
  • Ensure that hazardous waste materials are disposed of safely.

2016 Community Environment Days Event Schedule

  • Saturday and Sunday events are from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Tuesday and Thursday events are from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.




Saturday, April 2

Perruzza Black Creek Pioneer Village

1000 Murray Ross Prkwy (east of Jane St., off Steeles Ave.)

Saturday, April 2
Cressy Central Technical School

725 Bathurst St. (enter off Harbord St. & Borden St.)

Saturday, April 9
Kelly Agincourt Mall

3850 Sheppard Ave. E. (at Kennedy Rd.)

Saturday, April 9
Di Giorgio Amesbury Arena

155 Culford Rd. (south of Lawrence Ave. W., east of Black Creek Dr.)

Saturday, April 16

Nunziata Toronto Parking Authority Lot
At John St. & Weston Rd.

Saturday, April 16

Sir Casimir Gzowski Park 2001 Lake Shore Blvd. (east of Ellis Ave.)
Saturday, April 23
Perks Sorauren Park

Along Wabash Ave. (south of Dundas St. W.)

Saturday, April 23 Carroll Enbridge Gas West Parking Lot

500 Consumers Rd. (west of Victoria Park Ave.)

Saturday, April 30
McConnell Lower Sherbourne Park (David Crombie Park)

Along Frederick St. (south of The Esplanade)

Saturday, April 30 Layton Fred Hamilton Park

Along Shaw St. (south of College St.)


Saturday, May 7


SATEC @ W.A. Porter Collegiate Institute

40 Fairfax Cres. (west of Warden Ave.)

Sunday, May 8


Wychwood Barns Along Wychwood Ave. (south of St. Clair Ave. W.)
Thursday, May 12
Minnan-Wong Donwoods Plaza

51-81 Underhill Dr. (north of Lawrence Ave. E.)

Saturday, May 14

Bailao Dufferin Mall Parking Lot 900 Dufferin St. (south of Bloor St.)
Saturday, May 14
Campbell Richview Collegiate Institute

1738 Islington Ave. (at Eglinton Ave. W.)

Thursday, May 19 McMahon Ted Reeve Arena Parking Lot

175 Main St. (enter off Ted Reeve Dr., north of Gerrard St.)

Thursday, May 26

Mammoliti Downsview Arena Parking Lot 1633 Wilson Ave.

Saturday, May 28

Moeser Colonel Danforth Park 73 Colonel Danforth Trail (off Kingston Rd. & Lawson Rd.)

Saturday, May 28

Robinson York Mills Collegiate East Parking Lot
490 York Mills Rd.


Thursday, June 2
Matlow / Carmichael Greb North Toronto Memorial Arena

174 Orchardview Blvd. (off Yonge St., north of Eglinton Ave. W.)

Saturday, June 4

Augimeri Ramses Temple Shrine 3100 Keele St.
Saturday, June 4 Cho Malvern Community Recreation Centre

30 Sewells Rd. (east of Neilson Rd., north of Sheppard Ave. E.)

Thursday, June 9
Crawford Birchmount Community Centre

93 Birchmount Rd. (at Kingston Rd.)

Saturday, June 11 Shiner

Seneca College, (Newnham Campus) Rear Parking Lot

1750 Finch Ave. E. (enter off Don Mills Rd.)

Saturday, June 11
Thompson McGregor Recreation Centre

2219 Lawrence Ave. E. (west of Kennedy Rd.)

Tuesday, June 14
Pasternak Esther Shiner Stadium

5720 Bathurst St. (at Finch Ave. W.)

Saturday, June 18
Fragedakis Dieppe Park

455 Cosburn Ave. (east of Greenwood Ave.)

Saturday,June 18

Davis East York Memorial Arena Parking Lot 888 Cosburn Ave.
Saturday, June 25
Palacio Loretto College

151 Rosemount Ave. (west of Dufferin St.)

Saturday, June 25 Grimes Snow Storage Facility

207 New Toronto St. (east of Kipling Ave, across from CN Rail Yard)



Saturday, July 9

Lee Nashdene Yard 70 Nashdene Rd.
Saturday, July 9
Filion Earl Haig Secondary School

100 Princess Ave. (Kenneth Ave., south of Empress Ave.)

Saturday, July 16

Crisanti Albion Centre

1530 Albion Rd. (at Kipling Ave.)

August - October


Sunday, Aug. 28

 Burnside Leaside High School Parking Lot 200 Hanna Rd.

Sunday, Sept. 4

  Woodbine Centre 500 Rexdale Blvd. (at Hwy 27)

Saturday, Sept. 10

Fletcher Bridgepoint Hospital Along Blue Rodeo Rd. and Bridgepoint Dr.
Sunday, Sept. 11

Holyday / Di Ciano

Etobicoke Civic Centre

Behind city building (off The West Mall, south of Burnhamthorpe Rd.)

Saturday, Sept. 17

Wong-Tam Allan Gardens Along Carlton St. (between Jarvis St. & Sherbourne St.)
Sunday, Sept. 18 Colle

Glen Long Community Centre

Along Glen Long Ave. (west of Dufferin St.)

Saturday, Sept. 24

De Baeremaeker

Thomson Memorial Park

1005 Brimley Rd.
Saturday, Sept. 24 Karygiannis

L'Amoureaux Community Centre / Mary Ward Secondary School

 Enter off McNicoll Ave. (west of Kennedy Rd.)

Saturday, Oct. 1

Ainslie Morningside Work Yard 891 Morningside Ave. (south of Hwy 401)

New Green Bins

  • A new style of Green Bin is coming. Residents outside of Scarborough requiring a replacement Green Bin to use until their area receives delivery of the new bins, will be provided with a reconditioned bin. Green Bins exchanges will not be available at Community Environment Days events in Scarborough. Call 311 for more bin exchange information.

Products Available

  • Kitchen Container ($5 each)

Pick up for FREE

  • Compost (limit of one cubic metre per household)

Drop off for recycling or proper disposal

  • Computer Equipment & Peripherals
    (e.g., desktops, laptops, hand-held portables, monitors, printing devices, etc.)
  • Audio/Visual Equipment & Peripherals
    (e.g., telephones, cell phones, pda’s and pagers, cameras, small TVs, radios, receivers, speakers, tuners, equalizers, turntables, projectors, recorders, DVD players and VCRs, etc.)
  • Household Hazardous Waste
    (e.g., cleaning supplies and solvents, motor oil, paint, batteries, E-cigarettes, old/unused medication, mercury thermometers / thermostats, pesticides, fluorescent and compact fluorescent bulbs, propane tanks, etc.)

Donate items to local schools for reuse

  • Yarn, knitting needles, sewing notions, buttons and keys
  • Children's books, musical instruments
  • CD's, CD cases, 35 mm cameras
  • Costume jewellery including broken, old watches
  • Arts and crafts supplies--pencils, crayons, markers
  • Corks, cork boards, clipboards
  • Dress up clothing--costumes, prom dresses, uniforms

Donate items for reuse (please keep separate from others)

  • Sporting goods(e.g., skates, hockey equipment, bikes, rackets, etc.)
  • Books (excluding school/university curriculum books)
  • Eyeglasses, walking aids, hearing aids, etc.
  • Small household items (e.g., dishes, ornaments, kitchen utensils, artistic drawings, games, etc.)
  • Textiles in good condition (e.g. clothing, linens, etc.)
  • Non-perishable foods will be donated to a food bank

Please do not bring: construction waste, garbage, gasoline, wood, cassette and videotapes, commercial/ industrial hazardous waste and scrap metal.

Note: You can recycle plastic shopping bags, foam polystyrene, empty paint and empty aerosol cans in your blue bin.

Torontonians are more actively involved in dealing with current environmental challenges and are bringing more of their “stuff” to Community Environment Day events for re-using, recycling or safe disposal.

YearParticipantsAmount of Waste Collected
2004 21,000

373,780 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
216,697 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted (including electronics)

2005 21,500

194,969 kg of electronics
445,672 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
80,781 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted

2006 25,993

231,364 kg of electronics
490,560 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
145,759 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted

2007 31,447

314, 147 kg of electronics
586,768 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
187, 519 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted

2008 56,026

417,772 kg of electronics
604,576 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
228,155 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted

2009 40,319 353,820 kg of electronics
412,505 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
177,871 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted
2010 32,863 335,851 kg of electronics
406,640 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
69,597 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted
2011 30,053

272,450 kg of electronics
332, 695 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
135, 952 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted

2012 25,916

202,240 kg of electronics
290,030 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
67,110 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted

2013 24,594

155,490 kg of electronics
303,945 kg of HHW
(household hazardous waste)
108,652 kg of non-Blue box
material diverted

2014 29,751

167,661 kg of electronics
310,845 kg HHW
(household hazardous waste)
68,792 kg of reusable household goods
7,468 kg of arts & crafts supplies

2015 30,215

111,185 kg of electronics
340,400 kg HHW
(household hazardous waste)
56,470 kg of reusable household goods
13,535 kg of arts & crafts supplies


Non-Blue box materials include donations for reuse or recycling through community organizations and TDSB schools. Prior to 2009, the total non-Blue box amount listed here also included plastic shopping bags and polystyrene, which have since been included in the Blue Bin program.

The program has partnered creatively with several groups, including:

  • Visit the Toronto Water tent at each Community Environment Days event to learn more about programs that will help you use water wisely in and around your home!
  • Live Green Toronto
  • Community Environment Days are also now registered collectors in Provincial programs developed by Waste Diversion Ontario (WDO) in co-operation with Ontario Electronic Stewardship and Stewardship Ontario. While these events no longer accept used tires for recycling, if you need to get rid of old tires, you can find out how by visiting  Ontario Tire Stewardship.
  • Orange Drop is an industry-funded recycling program aimed at keeping hazardous and special waste materials out of Ontario's landfills and waterways. The Orange Drop Program allows Ontarians to return designated materials to local Municipal HHW Depots, retail sites and collection events across Ontario. Visit the Orange Drop website.



New Green Bins

A new style of Green Bin is coming. Residents outside of Scarborough requiring a replacement Green Bin to use until their area receives delivery of the new bins, will be provided with a reconditioned bin. Green Bins exchanges will not be available at Community Environment Days events in Scarborough. Call 311 for more bin exchange information.

Toronto accepts new plastic items to Blue Bin program

Toronto's Blue Bin recycling program accepts plastic film – the soft, stretchy type that includes bags used for dry cleaning, soil, sandwiches, bread, milk, bulk food and produce, frozen fruit and vegetables, as well as overwrap from toilet paper and paper towels.