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Toronto Greeters

Toronto wants the world to discover all our city has to offer. And how better to do that than by putting the world in touch with the people who know and love Toronto the best - the people who live here.

Toronto Greeters offers free visits to Toronto's vibrant neighbourhoods and themed districts so you can discover the real Toronto. Toronto residents who love their city and want to share it with you have volunteered to become "greeters" to meet you and show you around. 

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It's your chance to Tap into TO!

How does TAP into TO! Work?
We have lined up an array of energetic, knowledgeable volunteer Torontonians, who are ready, willing and able to show you their favourite parts of Toronto.

Tell us when you'll be visiting, when you have two to four hours of free time and what neighbourhood you would like to see.

We'll match you up with a greeter who shares your area of interest and you'll be all set to go.

Please give us at least one week notice to make the match. It is also important to note that greeter visits cannot be arranged for the first day of arrival in the city - just in case you are unavoidably delayed on your arrival.

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What to expect?
During your visit, your greeter will take you by foot and/or by public transit to check out all kinds of hidden nooks and crannies as well as his or her personal favourites.

A Toronto Greeter will give you an introduction to our city and will give you just about the right amount of time to find the city's best places for shopping, arts and culture, attractions, entertainment, cuisine and so much more.

About our Greeters
Our greeters love their city and it shows. They are proud, passionate volunteers who have dedicated their spare time to show you the best of Toronto. It's their way of saying: "thanks for visiting Toronto".

Multilingual Greeters
The City of Toronto is one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world and celebrates over 100 different cultures. Residents speak over 180 languages and our City motto is Diversity Our Strength. Toronto Greeters offers visits in a variety of languages.


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Global Greeter Network

Toronto is a proud member of the Global Greeter Network, a voluntary association of independent welcoming programs in over 30 cities world-wide. All programs are free and are facilitated by enthusiastic, local residents who love their city and volunteer to welcome visitors.