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The Business Opportunities Bulletin Board is a searchable listing of confidential prospects to help you expand into the Toronto market. This free online marketplace connects investors, sellers and buyers with business and investment opportunities in Canada's largest city.

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Share Valuation Basics

In a typical M&A transaction there's a need to determine the value of the shares of the corporation being bought. What if the buyer and seller can't agree on the value of the shares? In situations where the sale is compulsory, litigation or arbitration will be required to determine share value. That will almost certainly require expert opinion evidence. This update from BLG explores the legal and business valuation issues involved in such proceedings.

Drafting go-shop clauses in Canadian M&A Transactions

For public companies being sold a competitive bid process known as a go-shop period is desirable. This article highlights areas for consideration, such as the length of the go-shop period, break fee clauses and more.  

Spin-outs in M&A: Bridging the Valuation Gap

While companies are reportedly sitting on piles of cash, one might expect such companies to be free spenders when it comes to acquisitions. However, persistent economic uncertainty has made potential purchasers reluctant to spend accumulated cash on acquisitions, and we expect this trend to continue until an economic recovery is firmly established.

Blind Cash Pools: Expanding Role in Business Financing?

Opportunities exist for financiers, investors and entrepreneurs to benefit from blind cash pools - financing vehicles that take growth enterprises public. An increased interest in blind cash pools could not only result in entrepreneurs and investors benefitting an economic expansion but also aid in the development of tomorrow’s growth enterprises.

First-Time Buyer Considerations

Purchasing the right business is a daunting task. Purchasing a business as an owner-operator is a life altering decision. Here is some advice for first-time individual business buyers from Alex Shteriev, MBA, CBI, Managing Director and Partner at Beacon Corporation, Brokerage.

When the Bank says NO - sources of non-traditional financing

Business owners must learn to become as creative and versed in options for financing as they are in other facets of their operations. There are steps that business owners can take to secure the liquidity they need to grow outside of traditional financing sources.