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2013 Toronto World Rankings

Canadian banks among the strongest banks in the world

Four Canadian banks, all headquartered in Toronto, were ranked among the top ten strongest banks in the world, according to a 2013 Bloomberg Report. The study reviewed a total of 78 global banks with assets of $100 billion or more and included criteria such as 1) the ration of a bank's Tier 1 capital to its risk-weighted assets; 2) the ratio of nonperforming assets to total assets; 3) the ratio of deposits to funding and; 4) the efficiency ratio which compares costs to revenues. Canada's banks also ranked favourably at the regional level, with four of the five strongest North American banks being Canadian and located in Toronto.

Bloomberg: World's Strongest Banks 2013
RankBank, City or Country
1 Qatar National Bank (Qatar)
2 Oversea-Chinese Banking (Singapore)
3 Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce  (Canada, head office in Toronto)
4 Royal Bank of Canada (Canada, head office in Toronto)
5 DBS Group Holdings (Singapore)
6 United Overseas Bank (Singapore)
7 Bank of Nova Scotia (Canada, head office in Toronto)
8 Toronto-Dominion Bank (Canada, head office in Toronto)
9 Citigroup (U.S.)
10 Hang Seng Bank (Hong Kong)

Toronto's reputation ranks second in international study

Toronto ranks second behind Sydney, Australia in an annual study, comparing the reputations of 100 cities worldwide, recently issued by the Reputation Institute. The annual study surveyed more than 22,000 people from the G8 countries and ranked the world’s 100 most reputable cities based on levels of trust, esteem, admiration and respect, as well as perceptions regarding 13 attributes. The three key dimensions of the study are an advanced economy, appealing environment and effective government. The study results confirm the links between city reputations and economic outcomes, while also highlighting the key drivers of a good reputation. Toronto ranked as the top city to work in, the second most attractive city to live in, and the seventh highest ranked city in the invest category. 

The Reputation Institute: Study of most reputable cities
1 Sydney
2 Toronto
3 Stockholm
4 Vienna
5 Venice
6 Florence
7 Edinburgh
8 Zurich
9 London
10 Copenhagen

Toronto named world's fourth most livable city

Toronto has been ranked as the world's fourth most livable city according to the latest Livability report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The ranking scores 140 cities on a scale of zero to 100 for each of 30 factors such as the quality of public health care or the threat of military conflict. These 30 values are then combined to create score in five areas: stability, infrastructure, education, health care, and culture and environment.

Economist Intelligence Unit: World's Most Livable Cities
1 Melbourne
2 Vienna
3 Vancouver
4 Toronto
5 Calgary (tied for fifth)
5 Adelaide (tied for fifth)
7 Sydney
8 Helsinki
9 Perth
10 Auckland


Toronto named one of the best North American cities for business investment

A leading global business publication has ranked Toronto as one of the best cities in North America for business investment. fDi Magazine (April/May 2013), published by the Financial Times Ltd., ranked Toronto in second place after New York City in the categories of "Overall North American Cities of the Future 2013/14." Toronto also placed second after New York City as a major North American city for business friendliness. The rankings by fDi Magazine are based on data collected for 422 cities under five categories: economic potential; human resources; cost effectiveness; infrastructure; and business friendliness.

North American Cities of the Future
1 New York
2 Toronto
3 Montreal
4 Vancouver
5 Houston
6 Atlanta
7 San Francisco
8 Chicago
9 Miami
10 Calgary


Toronto ranks high in The Economist City Competitiveness Index

Toronto ranks tenth in the 2025 City Competitiveness Index (PDF), which benchmarks the competitiveness of 120 cities across the world. The Economist Intelligence Unit defines a city's competitiveness as its ability to attract capital, businesses, talent and visitors. Thirty-two indicators are grouped into eight categories and assigned weights: economic strength 30%, physical capital and financial maturity 10% each, institutional character and human capital 15% each, global appeal 10%, social and cultural character 5%, and environment and natural hazards 5%.

The Economist City Competitiveness Index
1 New York
2 London
3 Singapore
4 Hong Kong
5 Tokyo
6 Sydney
7 Paris
8 Stockholm
9 Chicago
10 Toronto


Toronto as a Global City: Scorecard on Prosperity - 2013

Toronto ranks sixth in an overall comparison of 24 global metropolises, based on combined results of 33 economic and labour attractiveness indicators. The results contribute to our understanding of what makes some cities prosperous and attractive, while others struggle. Over the course of the past five years, Toronto's overall rankings have shifted very little, positioning Toronto as one of the world leaders in labour attractiveness, but under-performing in the economy. Toronto as a Global City: Scorecard on Prosperity - 2013

Toronto as a Global City: Scorecard on Prosperity - 2013
1 Paris
2 Calgary
3 London
4 Oslo
5 Madrid
6 Toronto
7 San Francisco
8 Seattle
9 Sydney
10 Tokyo


Toronto named one of the world's top seven intelligent communities of 2013

Toronto has been named one of the world's top seven intelligent communities of the year by the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF). These top seven intelligent communities are being recognized for creating local prosperity and inclusion using broadband and information technology to attract leading-edge businesses, build skills, generate economic growth, and improve the delivery of government services. Toronto's robust post-secondary cluster, innovative business incubator initiatives and programs that use technology for enhancing social inclusion were among the many reasons for Toronto being named a top seven.

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