Film in Toronto

Application process

Step-by-step guide to filming in Toronto

Scene 1 image  Scene 1: Film Permit Application

  • Create your request for a permit by completing a PDF version of the Location Filming Permit Application form. It can be saved on your computer and e-mailed to
  • Film students should list their schools as the Film Company on the application.
  • Refer to the sample application form for detailed instructions. 
  • Note: Film permits cover parking for production vehicles only, not crew vehicles.

scene 2 image  Scene 2: Insurance Certificate

  • Have your production company or insurance broker email a PDF file of your insurance certificate to
  • View information about insurance requirements.
  • We can not issue a permit until the insurance certificate has been received.
  • Students producing films as part of their school curriculum are covered under the school's insurance policy. Check with your school's risk management or the TFTO.

scene 3 image  Scene 3: Production Information

scene 4 image  Scene 4: Letter of Notification

  • Prepare and submit your Letter of Notification to the TFTO for review and approval before being circulated to residents/businesses where filming is proposed to take place.
  • View a checklist and a sample letter for details to include in your letter of notification. 
  • Please submit your letters of notification to

  Scene 5: Permits issued

  • A film officer will review your application and advise you of any conflicts, concerns or if further notification is required i.e. Business Improvement Areas (BIAs) or neighbourhood associations.
  • Permits are generally ready the day prior to filming. Most permits can be emailed (unless red cards are needed) or picked up in person.
  • All permits must be signed by an employee of the film company and a Film Office staff member to be valid.

Permit and Red Cards

  • The location filming permit will be accompanied by a specific predetermined number of red location filming vehicle cards.
  • Red cards should be clearly displayed in the window of each production vehicle for the duration of the shoot, along with the parking page(s) of the permit.
  • To obtain the red cards the location manager may be requested to submit a list of their production vehicle requirements to the TFTO.

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