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2014 Municipal Election Report on Accessibility

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2014 Municipal Election Accessibility Report and Plan

The Municipal Elections Act, 1996, requires the Clerk to submit within 90 days after voting day in a regular election a report to council about the identification, removal, and prevention of barriers that affect electors and candidates with disabilities.

The 2014 Municipal Election Report on Accessibility identifies the various initiatives undertaken by the City Clerk's Office for the 2014 Municipal Election, as well as the outcomes and recommendations for future elections.

View the Accessibility Plan and 2014 Municipal Election Report on Accessibility here.

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Everything you need to know about voting in a municipal election.


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Information on staffing for the next municipal election. 

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A selection of guides and resources for grade 5, 10 and ESL teachers and students. Find our contests here. 

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Information about how we are making elections accessible in the City of Toronto.

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BrowseAloud is a free tool which is designed to help read web pages. It makes websites accessible to those that require online reading support by reading web content aloud. Find out more about BrowseAloud and download a free copy.