Construction Projects

College Street Construction

(Lansdowne Ave. To Bathurst St.)


The City of Toronto will be working near College Street this summer between Lansdowne Avenue and Bathurst Street.  Work is expected to begin in summer 2016.

2017 College Street Construction Projects

ExpandCollege Promenade BIA Streetscape Improvements

Improving the streetscape of College Street West between Shaw Street and Havelock Street.
This project will improve the quality of the sidewalk and street environment such as new parkettes, bike rings, tree plantings and light fixtures.

Pre Construction Notice
Construction Notice
Construction Update #2 
Construction Update #3 
Construction Update #4
Construction Update #5 
BIA Meeting Notice 
College St Public Meeting Notice 

Updates & Advisories

February Update

Public Meeting Notice for College Street Construction

In October 2016, the City terminated its contract with the contractor delivering streetscaping work on College Street between Havelock Street and Shaw Street. 

City staff and your local City Councillors will be hosting a community meeting to discuss the remaining work and the next steps for this contract. 

Meeting Details:

Date: Tuesday,February 28, 2017

Start Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Location:  College/Shaw Public Library, 766 College Street.

Please let us know if you may require any accessibility considerations for this meeting. 

December Update

Happy Holidays !
The City will be scheduling a public meeting early in the new year to address community concerns about the construction on College Street West between Shaw Street and Havelock Street. 

October Update #6

Meeting Notice for all BIA members of the College Promenade BIA

In October, the City terminated its contract with the contractor delivering streetscaping work on College Street between Havelock and Shaw. Moving forward, City staff and your local councillors will be holding a meeting to discuss the remaining work and the next steps for this contract with all members of the College Promenade BIA. Please let us know if you may require any accessibility or seating considerations for this meeting.

Please note, a meeting for the members of the public will be held in early 2017. 

College Promenade BIA Meeting Details:

Date: Thursday, November 10, 2016

Start Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Location:  Our Lady of Good Counsel Church at 867 College Street
                  (west of Ossington Avenue) in the Church Hall.

For more information about this meeting please contact P Martin at 
Phone (416) 392-6681 

October Update #5

Expected Start Date:  June 27, 2016 
Original End Date:  November 30, 2016
NEW End Date: October 8, 2016

The streetscape improvement work on College Street has stopped as of October 6, 2016. Working with its legal department and local Councillors, the City of Toronto issued a Notice of Termination to the contractor this is following a notice of default that was issued to the contractor in late-September for failing to abide by the contract agreement with the City.

 A different contractor for the City of Toronto is addressing the safety of College Street so that work will be completed in time to remove most of the fencing, resume on-street parking and TTC streetcar service.  

 The City of Toronto will work with the BIA to re-schedule and deliver the remaining work.

We know this project has affected the businesses and residents along College Street. We sympathize and appreciate your patience with the dust, noise, fencing, ramps and other inconveniences you've experienced during construction and we are committed to delivering future work in a manner that better reflects the needs of the community.

What To Expect 

  • The original contractor will have removed their items from the site.
  • A subcontractor of the City of Toronto will ensure deficiencies are temporarily restored safely (this may include installing different fencing and using asphalt or other materials to restore excavated areas until the final work can resume in 2017).


On-street parking on College Street will resume.

TTC Service

TTC Streetcar Service will resume on College Street on October 9, 2016


Garbage & Recycling:

Regular garbage collection on the north side of College Street will resume on Thursday, October 13.                                                 Please return to the regular bin / bag pick up process you used before construction.  

 NEW Trees:

 As part of this project, new trees were planted on the north side of the street. The temporary restoration, does not include        
the final tree protection guards. Please refrain from locking bikes or other items to these new trees in order to help them take root. 


Businesses can resume their regular delivery schedule / activity. 

College Promenade BIA Businesses

Have been open throughout construction, but welcome all from the community to dine, and shop. 

College Promenade BIA follow up meeting (Nov) 

City of Toronto staff will meet with the College Promenade BIA executive in the coming weeks and the full membership in early November to finalize the work needed in 2017. The City of Toronto will host a Public Information Centre in early 2017 before work starts. 

September Update #4

The streetscaping work on College Street continues to progress, however work on the north side will now reach substantial completion by September 30 (update #3 stated mid-September).

 Six-foot fencing has been removed between Havelock to Dovercourt, with some protection measures around the tree pits being used until final pit components are delivered for installation.

The City's contractor is also completing work between Ossington and Shaw.

 Fencing is needed to provide a safe area between pedestrians and the crews completing the work.This work will be completed in stages moving along the street. The work limits and use of fencing to restrict access may cause inconveniences of 3-7 hours per day for 4 days on the north side of College Street. The contractor will notify you in advance of them being in front of your address.

The work involves:

  • completing the excavation of the sidewalk,
  • installing granular and leveling the area
  • installing concrete forms
  • pouring concrete


Road & Sidewalk Access

In order to complete the work in a safe manner, there will be road and sidewalk restrictions within the construction work area. Access for emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

*REMINDER: Cycling detour around this project…

Cycling Detours Maps below

*REMINDER: Garbage & Recycling Pickup During Construction 
As part of the BIA streetscaping on College Street. The City’s contractor is responsible for ensuring garbage, recycling and green bins are picked up according to your regular schedule. 

For the duration of construction in front of your property please:

1) Label your bins with the correct address

2) Leave bins for collection on the street by 4:30 p.m. every Thursday afternoon.

The Contractor will move bins to each corner so that waste can be picked up according to schedule. The Contractor will then return bins in front of your address on Friday mornings.

 If you missed pick up or leaving your bins out, please contact the inspector on this project, the inspector will then call 311 to arrange for pick up.

Inspector: Danny Bajit, 416-436-8398,  Email:


    Cycling Detours 

Cycling detours, vehicular rerouting and traffic management will be posted in the Construction Notice sent out two weeks prior to construction starting. 

The City of Toronto has marked detours for cyclists along stretches of College Street that are undergoing improvements this summer. Barrels will be in place to guide cyclists along the detours. Mind the streetcar tracks when entering/exiting College Street. 
Please see a revised map below for an overview of all cycling detours along College St.

Lansdowne/College Cycling Detours



-south on Lansdowne Ave 

-west (right) on Lumbervale St.

-south (left) on St. Helens Ave

-west (right) on Dundas St W (bike lane)

-south (left) on Sorauren Ave 

 Mind the streetcar tracks at the corner on Dundas St W./Sorauren Ave 

Cyclists will be required to share a lane with motor vehicle traffic.
At Dundas Street, cyclists may travel east to Brock Avenue and then
proceed north on Brock Avenue to College or Bloor.


-east on Dundas St W past Lansdowne Ave

-north (left) on Brock St.

-east (right) on College St.



-west on College St.

-south (left) on Brock St.

-west (right) on Dundas St W 

Cyclists travelling southbound on Lansdowne Avenue, between Bloor Street and College Street, will be diverted west to St. Helen's Avenue via Lumbervale Avenue, then west onto Dundas Street West and south on Sorauren Avenue. Cyclists travelling northbound on Lansdowne Avenue, The northbound bicycle lane on Lansdowne Avenue will be closed between Rideau Avenue and Dundas Street West. Cyclists will be required to share a lane with motor vehicle traffic. At Dundas Street, cyclists may travel east to Brock Avenue and then proceed north on Brock Avenue to College or Bloor.


Havelock/Shaw/College Detours



-west on College St.

-north (right) on Roxton Rd.

-west (left) on Dewson, cross Ossington Ave (Dewson St. jogs south)

-south (left) on Havelock St.

-west (right) back on to College St.



-east on College St.

-north (left) on Havelock St.

-east (right) on Dewson St.

-north (Left)on Ossington Ave

-east (right) on Harbord St.

-south (right) on Shaw

-East () back on to College St.


Cyclists travelling westbound on College Street, between Shaw Street and Havelock Street, will be diverted north to Roxton Road, then west onto Dewson Street and south past Ossington, then south on Havelock Street. Cyclists travelling eastbound on College Street, between Havelock Street and Shaw Street, will be diverted north to Havelock Street, then east on Dewson Street and north on Ossington Street in order to continue east on Harbord Street, then south on Shaw.

ExpandPublic Meeting Information Feb 28th


In October 2016, the City terminated its contract with the contractor delivering streetscaping work on College Street between Havelock Street and Shaw Street. On Tuesday, Feb 28th residents met with City staff and your local City Councillors to get an update on the remaining work and the next steps for this contract.

Meeting Presentation

Below is the presentation that was presented by City Staff at the meeting. 

2017 Frequently Asked Questions

ExpandWhen Will Construction Start?

The City plans to issue two starts to this contract. The first will allow six weeks for the successful contractor to order all materials and locates needed to complete the job. The second date is the actual start date on site which will take place in early July. 

ExpandHow will the work be staged in 2017?

In 2017, work will be staged block by block however, there may be a second block used to store materials for the work taking place. Staging between Dovercourt and Ossignton will be broken down into sections, given the length of the block.  
In Phase 1, work will start on the south side at Rusholme and progress east. Phase 1 work will include the parkettes on the south side of College Street. When all work is complete on the south side, the contractor will then move to the north side of the street and complete all outstanding work including the parkette work, in one phase.

Since work will take place in smaller sections on the south side, the fencing will also be staged differently, allowing for one half of the existing sidewalk to remain open. When the base concrete is poured for the pavers, bridges will be used to allow for access to residences and businesses as required. Machinery and materials will be stored within the block where work is taking place as much as possible. Access interruptions will be pre-arranged between affected businesses and the City staff prior to the planned disruption. 

ExpandHow will access to business be maintained?

Access to businesses shall be maintained at all times during construction, except for short duration (few hours) when concrete is poured and unit pavers are being installed. The work on the south side of College St. will involve removing the sidewalk in half-widths and reconstructing the unit paver base in half widths. This will ensure that access is always maintained. There will be instances where this option is not feasible. City Staff and the Contractor will co-ordinate with those specific businesses to determine a suitable time for this work. Wooden ramps will be provided for access when the sidewalk is being constructed beside business / apartment doorways. 

ExpandHow will fencing be placed around the work areas?

As described above, construction will proceed from west to east. Underground electrical work will be followed by sidewalk reconstruction in each block. There will be access separated by fencing along the sidewalk at all times, except when placing unit pavers. During concrete base pouring and paver placing, pedestrians will be directed to use the closed lane on College Street instead of the sidewalk. 

ExpandHow, when and where will garbage be collected?

Businesses / residents are expected to put out garbage according to the regular schedule using the regular containers or tags. When work is taking place within a block, the Contractor will be responsible for ensuring access is made for Solid Waste to pick up the containers and labelled bags at the end of the nearest block. The City Staff are making arrangements with Solid Waste to confirm pick up locations for the contractor to follow. The Garbage pick-up notice will be provided to affected residents and businesses leading up to the work approaching the planned block for work. Residents and businesses are responsible to ensure their bins are labelled with the appropriate addresses.  A provision will be added to the contract tender to address garbage related issues in a timely manner. 

ExpandWho are the Staff Contacts during this project?

Prior to construction, the first point of contact is the Senior Project Engineer,
Mario Goolsarran Tel: 416- 392-9187 email:

During construction, the City will provide contact details for the on-site inspector for this project. The on-site inspector can deal with construction-related concerns such as fencing locations, site cleanliness, noise concerns, garbage pickup and other issues that may come up during construction. The inspector will work with the contractor to address concerns or follow up with the Senior Project Engineer to follow up with the contractor.

At no time, are members of the BIA to raise concerns with the contractor or crews on site. All matters must be brought to the inspector for proper documentation in their daily log and management. Regular site meetings with the Project Engineer should allow for issues to be addressed in a timely fashion. In emergency water or other situations, 311 should be called as 311 can dispatch the appropriate staff to the site to address the issue. Prior to construction, a contact sheet will be provided to the BIA board with appropriate contact information as the inspector for this project has not yet been assigned. 

ExpandHow do I report emergencies?

Emergencies should be reported immediately to the Construction Inspector/Contractor's representative on site by calling 311 for water or other road emergencies. Criminal concerns, health emergencies or fires should be reported by calling 911

ExpandWhat street furniture will be removed and when it will be restored?

On the south side of College Street from Rusholme to Shaw Street, all City owned benches, garbage containers, and TTC bus shelters within the Right of way will be removed prior to construction. Bike posts will be removed as construction moves and be replaced with the work.  Since the North side work will be scheduled in shorter sections, there may not be many items removed from the Right of Way, where possible on the north side, garbage cans and bike rings will be maintained. The temporary bike racks will be moved at the time closest to work starting. Once the project is completed, the Senior Project Engineer will notify Transportation Services staff so all street furniture can be reinstated. The timing for the reinstallation of street furniture varies as locates are required for certain items; however, we will work with Transportation Services to get an installation time frame when construction is complete. 

ExpandWhat parking arrangements are being made?

Since work is being staged in smaller sections, it is planned that all north side parking will be maintained when work takes place on the south side; with only the matching north side of the street having no parking to ensure there is enough room on the street for two lanes of traffic. When work moves to the north side, we will work to ensure that south side parking is re-instated. The City is working to see if alternate arrangements for nearby lots can be accessed during construction also. 

ExpandWill some addresses / locations have different arrangements for parking access?

Some addresses and their parking access needs have been noted for different reasons; prior to construction starting, City Staff will meet with the appropriate property managers and / or owners to discuss the planned work in front of that address and their parking access. Access to enter and exit properties will be maintained at all times, but parking disruptions will be discussed in advance and arrangements will be made to deliver the work as smoothly as possible at those locations.

These details will be communicated when confirmed. Visitors, business owners and residents are expected to abide by all parking regulations throughout this project. The City will not reimburse individuals for tickets issued during construction.



ExpandWhat happens when the contractor finds the unexpected underground?

If anything unexpected is found underground, the Contractor shall not proceed with work in the nearby vicinity until the  element inspected and nearby soil is tested for contaminants. The Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) regulations need to be followed in such circumstances. Working with the BIA, the design for some elements when finished will be complementary to work that has been completed on the north side but will not use the same depth of sidewalk removal.


ExpandHow should businesses plan deliveries?

Businesses will continue to receive store deliveries; however, delivery vehicles will not be permitted to stop within the areas where work is occurring. The City will work to provide a work delivery plan and schedule so affected businesses can adjust their delivery schedule for the time that work is scheduled in front of their location. During those times it is recommended that deliveries occur before or after construction hours before 7:00 A.M or after 9:00 P.M. When deliveries are scheduled, the business owner should contact the inspector. 

Feb 28th Public Meeting 

Meeting presentation

Frequently Asked Questions

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