Film in Toronto

Production Information

Production Information Forms are required prior to receiving a film permit. The information reported helps the City gain a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the film industry in Toronto.

Please note, we are no longer accepting Production Information Sheets in PDF format. You must fill out the NEW online Production Information Form.

Form Instructions:


  • Project titles must be unique to distinguish one production from another
  • Enter the project title followed by the production start date in the following format: Title yy/mm/dd – e.g. Tim Hortons 160219 would film on February 19, 2016
  • If there are several filming days, use the first shoot date in the project title – e.g. if filming March 10 & 11, the project title will be Tim Hortons 160310


  • The TFTO accumulates confidential data on production activity to promote continued support for the industry at all levels of government. This is an accepted practice by both Canadian and U.S. production companies and film commissions worldwide.

  • Information on monies that a production intends to spend in Toronto is collected, not above-the-line expenditures.

  • Production managers and/or production accountants working on features and made-for-television movies provide this figure on a total money spent in Toronto basis - including post-production.

  • TV series report either a total per cycle expenditure or an average episodic expenditure - including post-production.