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Welcome to the home page of the Office of the Lobbyist Registrar for the City of Toronto.

We promote and enhance the transparency and integrity of City government decision making through public disclosure of lobbying activities and regulation of lobbyists' conduct.

Our main instrument for doing this is the Lobbyist Registry, which is an online, searchable tool that documents all lobbying activities in the City of Toronto.

Public Consultation on Amendments to the Toronto Lobbying By-law

The City of Toronto is seeking public input on proposed amendments to the Lobbying By-law (Municipal Code, Chapter 140, Lobbying), which were considered by Executive Committee at its September 21, 2015 meeting. Feedback collected through the consultation will be used to inform a follow-up report from the City Manager to Executive Committee.

There are two ways to provide feedback on the recommended amendments:

  1. By completing an online survey, or
  2. By emailing Fiona Murray, City Manager's Office, Strategic and Corporate Policy, at fmurray@toronto.ca 

Feedback will be accepted until November 27, 2015.
For more information, please visit:‎ www.toronto.ca/lobbyingbylaw

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What do lobbyists need to know?

As a lobbyist, you must register yourself and the subject matter you intend to discuss before communicating with a public office holder. You must register before even contacting a public office holder for the purpose of arranging a meeting between a public office holder and a third party. You must also update your subject matter registration after communicating with a public office holder.

What do public office holders need to know?

Lobbying public office holders is a common and legitimate activity. Registering lobbying activities allows both public office holders and the public to know who is attempting to influence municipal government. Public office holders should be familiar with the Lobbying By-law (PDF), since it contains the rules and principles governing lobbyists.

How do we serve the general public?

The Registry allows the public to see who is communicating with public office holders about governmental decisions that can directly affect citizens of Toronto. Learn some tips on how to search the registry for information on who is lobbying which public office holder and the issues being lobbied about at the City of Toronto.


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