Garbage & Recycling

Green Bin Organics Program

Green BinThe Green Bin Program collects organic waste (fruit and vegetables scraps, paper towels, coffee grinds, etc.) and turns it into compost.

Amost 50% (by weight) of your household garbage is organic material - material that can be processed into compost for use on parklands and gardens instead of being sent to landfill.

All about the new Green Bin!

Fact Sheet - check out these tips.

New bins are going out to households on daytime curbside collection service. They first arrive in the Scarborough Community late April and beginning in fall 2016, the Etobicoke Community will get them, followed by the rest of the city by the end of 2017.

Deliveries are happening now in Scarborough (collection district day map as of May 2).

Preparing residents for using their new Green Bin:

Each household on the delivery list received an important notice prior to getting their new bins explaining what's new and better about these bins.

Information sheet on how to use your new Bin - proper set out is important!

Frequently asked questions and answers.

The City tested the new animal resistant latch (view the City's raccoon test video).

Schools - take the Green Bin pledge.


Who's using the Green Bin?

The Green Bin Program currently services 460,000 single-family households. The Green Bin Program is being rolled out to apartments, condos and co-op buildings receiving City collection.

Schools from the Toronto Public School Board and Toronto Catholic School Board use the Green Bin organics program. The non-residential customers the City services such as businesses on the Yellow Bag Program, charities, religious organizations, non-profit groups, institutions and other City-owned facilities also participate in diverting organics from landfill.

When to set your old/damaged Green Bin out at the curb if you want it to be recycled: Put your damaged bin out on garbage day beside your Garbage Bin. Your damaged bin will be returned to the manufacturer for recycling.