Frequently Asked Questions

Are reservations necessary for the Winterlicious promotion?

You are not required to make reservations but it is strongly recommended you do so. To reserve a table, contact the restaurants directly. Restaurants will accept reservations for the Winterlicious promotion beginning January 12, 2017.

Starting on January 27, check out the Today's Reservations tab for daily reservations available at participating restaurants.

When can I purchase tickets for the Culinary Events?

Tickets go on sale as of December 15, 2016. Contact each culinary event venue to purchase tickets in advance.

Where can I pick up a printed list of all Winterlicious Restaurants and Culinary Events?

Winterlicious guides are sent to all participating restaurants and are available at the Toronto City Hall brochure rack, located on the main floor by the front entrance (next to the Toronto scale model), 100 Queen St W at Bay St as of December 19, 2016.

Should I cancel my reservation if I can't make it?

Yes. Call and cancel as soon as possible so the restaurant can offer your table to another party.

What are the hours of operation for the restaurants?

Restaurant operating hours vary. Lunch menu start and end times vary per restaurant. Some restaurants offer only a brunch menu on weekends and do not participate in the Winterlicious lunch promotion on Saturday/Sunday. Keep in mind some restaurants are not open on certain days of the week. Contact individual restaurants for details.

Which venues are wheelchair accessible?

Each restaurant and event venue is asked to identify whether their location is fully barrier-free and wheelchair accessible. Look for the accessibility icon throughout the site to find accessible restaurants.

You can also easily sort the restaurant list or map to find all accessible restaurants.

How accurate are the menus posted on this website?

All menus are subject to change. The menus posted are supplied by the individual restaurants and are correct at the time of posting. Due to high demand, some items on the menu may not be available. Substitutions may be necessary. When a restaurant lets us know about changes, we do our best to update the online menus quickly.

Do I have to order from the Winterlicious menu during the promotion period?

Many, but not all participating restaurants will be offering their standard menus as well. Check with the restaurant to confirm.

What do all of those little icons on the restaurant list mean?

Each participating restaurant was asked to self-identify the types of cuisine they offer, including vegetarian options and local ingredients. 

 Restaurants with a leafy V icon offer a three-course vegetarian option as part of their menu.

 Restaurants with a leafy VG icon offer a three-course vegan option as part of their menu.

 Restaurants with a leafy L icon are serving menus with at least one dish in each course made with local Ontario produce, meat and food ingredients.

You can sort the restaurant list to find vegetarian, vegan and local menus.

Are taxes and gratuity included in the Winterlicious menu costs?

Taxes and gratuity are NOT included. Applicable taxes will be charged to your bill. A 15-20% gratuity is a standard expression of appreciation when dining out. Some restaurants will automatically add a gratuity to your bill, especially for large parties. We suggest you ask about this when you book your reservation.

How can I contact the Winterlicious organizers?

E-mail your comments and suggestions, or simply tell us about your Winterlicious experience. Email: