City Planning

Zoning & Environment

The Zoning By-law team is responsible for the revising the city-wide zoning bylaw. Zoning bylaws regulate the use, size, height, density and location of buildings on properties and affect every property in the City.

The Environment Planning team is responsible for formulating and working to implement environmental policy for development in Toronto. Toronto's Official Plan guides development in the City, and together with Toronto's Environment Plan provide the foundations for much of City Planning's environmental policy work. Since issues of environmental sustainability are inherently interdisciplinary, Environmental Planning typically works closely with other City divisions and external stakeholders in policy development.

Zoning Bylaw 569-2013

Zoning Bylaw 569-2013  - Interactive Map

Zoning Bylaw 569-2013

The online version of zoning by-law 569-2013 that may be accessed via this web page was last updated on May 9, 2014. Accordingly, the online version may not incorporate amendments to zoning by-law 569-2013 which were enacted subsequent to that date. For all amendments to By-law 569-2013 see the list of amendments.

Greening Toronto


Toronto Green Standards

How to comply with the two-tier set of performance measures and guidelines for sustainable site and building design for new private and public development.


Green Roofs

How to comply with the Green Roof Construction Standard when building a green roof in Toronto. 



Information about the Biodiversity Book series including access to pdfs of released books.