Bird-Friendly Guidelines

You can now view the Bird-Friendly Best Practices for Glass. This is a companion guide to the Bird-Friendly Development Guidelines

The Bird-Friendly Development Guidelines are being revised and we plan to make them available shortly.

The old Bird-Friendly Development Guidelines (file size 8.2 mb) offers a comprehensive list of development strategies to make new and existing buildings less dangerous to migratory birds. There are a number of ways to make buildings better for birds including glass treatments, how the building and site is lit at night, as well as adopting new practices for building operations and site management.

Cover image from Bird Friendly Guidelines The guidelines were developed with the participation of architects, development corporations, property management corporations, bird advocacy groups, and City staff. The final product is a very attractive and informative document that will greatly assist in mitigating the dangers the urban environment poses to migrating birds. We can all play a role to reduce migratory bird deaths.


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