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North Market Redevelopment

The North Market Redevelopment will maximize the site's full potential and improve the St. Lawrence Market Complex.

What's next?

The North St. Lawrence Market Redevelopment Project is being implemented in three major phases.

Temporary North Market

The temporary building for the North St. Lawrence Market is almost complete.

Temporary North Market - 125 The Esplanade

The City relocated the farmers and the antique market vendors to a temporary market structure at 125 The Esplanade.The temporary North Market is up and running. Come down to check out the temporary facility!

More information

Progress update

February 2016 - The North St. Lawrence Market Redevelopment will take place in three phases, for which some of the activities will happen concurrently.

Project phases and timelines

The project milestones are subject to the extent of the site archeological assessment, and there are risks to the project's timelines.

Benefits of the North Market Redevelopment

The redevelopment initiative will improve the utility of the Market Complex for vendors, visitors and shoppers, while contributing the economic development of the area. The Market Complex has served as a City landmark for more than 200 years and remains one of the most valuable historical sites in Toronto.

2010 Design Competition

On November 12, 2009 the City launched the design competition to redevelop the North Market and on June 7, 2010 announced the winning design.