The Taxicab Review

Taxicab Review Overview

The City of Toronto is conducting the Taxicab Industry Review to determine a list of industry issues and explore how to best resolve them. The review will include in-depth research, and extensive consultation with direct and indirect stakeholders, related industries, the public and appropriate city divisions. City staff will draft a Final Report with recommendations for the taxicab industry. The report is expected to be before the Licensing and Standards Committee on January 23, 2014.

The review was initiated as a result of a request from the Licensing and Standards Committee on May 31, 2011. On September 9, 2011, MLS brought a report before the Committee that provided an outline for the review of the taxicab industry by-law (Toronto Municipal Code Chapter 545, Licensing).

Relevant Documents

Letter from Councillor Palacio - Comprehensive Reform of the City's Taxi Licensing System
Committee Decision - Comprehensive Reform of the City's Taxi Licensing System
Municipal Licensing and Standards Staff Report - Taxi Industry Review Plan

Phases of the Review

In late 2011, taxicab industry stakeholders were asked to identify issues in Toronto's taxicab industry and to discuss how the City should best conduct the review. Stakeholders submitted their ideas through a consultation, an online comments form, and through letters, emails and voice messages. Their feedback was used to plan the review, described below.

The review will proceed in three phases:

Phase 1: Broad Public and Stakeholder Consultations
Phase 2: Research, Analysis and the Preliminary Report
Phase 3: The Final Report
Each phase is described in more detail below.

Phase 1: Multiple Stakeholder and Public Consultations

March to May 2012
The purpose of this phase was to identify industry issues and to create a comprehensive list of potential solutions to address issues within Toronto's taxicab industry. The City held multiple consultations and meetings to gather input from stakeholders and the public, as well as continues to accept comments through email, voice messages, the online comments form and written submissions.

Phase 2: Research, Analysis and the Preliminary Report
May to September 2012

The review team compiled and analyzed suggestions from Phase 1, while concurrently performing research and analysis. This information has been collectively used to create a Preliminary Report, which includes an industry overview, issues identified by the taxicab industry stakeholders and members of the public, and areas that have been researched and/or are under consideration by City staff. Prior to the completion of the Preliminary Report, three sessions were held to discuss the proposed content for the report.

Phase 3: The Final Report
September 2012 to early 2014
The review is currently in Phase 3: The Final Report, in which staff have developed the Framework for Change report, and are developing the final report, incorporating input from stakeholders, the public and several other sources. 

Read the Reports

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