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Water Meter Program

Water Meter Program

The City of Toronto is implementing a mandatory water meter program that will replace or install new automated meters in every home and business in the city, to provide an equitable system for all Toronto Water customers.

Under the new system, all customers will pay for the water they actually use. The City will provide meters to those who were previously on a flat rate system and replace old existing meters with more efficient and up-to-date technology. Being aware of water use - and therefore being able to use water more efficiently - leads to benefits for all Torontonians.

The new system will help to keep better track of water consumption across the city, detect water loss more quickly and eliminate the need for City staff to go to homes to obtain water meter readings. It will also provide environmental benefits.

The program will be rolling out on a ward-by-ward basis. Residents will be notified by mail when installations begin in their wards.

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