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People across Toronto want a green, liveable city that fosters creativity and opportunity. City Planning works with communities to make that happen. Read more about City Planning's role in helping to shape the look and feel of our city, along with current projects, policies, key links and tools to help you.

Strategic Plan 2013 - 2018  The Strategic Plan is our playbook for moving our Division forward.

Featured Projects


Official Plan Transportation Review

The Feeling Congested transportation consultation campaign engages Torontonians on a range of issues related to transportation planning, priorities and funding. This engagement supports and informs the current 5-Year Review of the City's Official Plan transportation policies, the development of a new long-term transportation plan, and the development of a funding and investment strategy.

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Growing Conversations

It feels like we've been growing apart. We're not talking like we used to...

That's why we're launching Growing Conversations, a process meant to improve the relationship between the City of Toronto and its residents and stakeholders through a better community engagement process. Improved engagement will result in planning outcomes that better reflect the vision and values of residents and the communities in which they live.


Eglinton Connects

Eglinton Connects is a comprehensive Planning Study that is being conducted around three themes of Building, Travelling, and Greening Eglinton. The goal is to evolve Eglinton in ways that are appropriate to local contexts, while also leveraging the opportunities that the new Crosstown transit line will bring. 

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Port Lands Acceleration Initiative

Waterfront Toronto, the City of Toronto and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority continue to work together to revitalize the Port Lands. Current efforts build upon the work completed in 2011 and 2012 as part of the Port Lands Acceleration Initiative.

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Planners in Public Spaces

Look for City Planning information booths at various events across the city, where residents can learn about planning issues, learn what planners do, ask questions, and find out how they can get more involved in planning their city.


Inside the Planners Studio

Titled "Place Making Tools for Heels and Wheels," this Inside the Planners Studio event takes place Monday, June 2, 9:30 am to 12 pm in Committee Room 1 at Toronto City hall.