Fort York National Historic Site

Events at Fort York

Take part in year-round special events on this 43-acre site. From historic cooking classes for 8 people to huge outdoor concerts for thousands, Fort York offers activities that appeal to everyone.

Celebrate Canada Day at Fort York! Details below.

Don't miss these great events at Fort York. Contact us at 416-392-6907 or
Regular Admission: Adults $7.96, Seniors/Youth $4.87, Children $3.76 (plus tax)
Children 5 years and under are free. Special event ticket prices may apply for certain events.

The Brain Project presented by Telus - Until Aug. 31

Continues until August 31
Fort York is proud to participate in this fundraising project for the Baycrest Foundation and to stimulate discussion and awareness of aging and brain health. It will shine a light on age-related dementia, such as Alzheimer's and the need for more research into how we can maintain optimal cognitive well-being at any age. Fort York will host a brain sculpture created by an artist working in the medium of their choice.

Bruno Billio's Tri-Mirror Sculpture - On display June 30 to July 4

On display June 30 to July 4 - Check out Bruno Billio's Tri-Mirror Sculpture when you visit Fort York on Canada Day!

Curated by Magda Gonzalez Mora

Tri-Mirror Sculpture by Canadian artist Bruno Billio provides a playful public art installation to celebrate the Canada Day long weekend.

Throughout his career, Bruno Billio has distinguished himself for creating unique installations that activate well-known public spaces—hotels, churches, squares, public facades and fortresses. His work process, which results in innovative and monumental artworks often manage to captivate and surprise the viewer.

Billio believes in the intimate relationship between art, the individual and nature. His work mirrors this ideal by referencing an endless flow of energy, repurposing personal items and everyday objects, and stimulating specific sites in spontaneous forms.

Tri-Mirror Sculpture is an evocative and interactive artwork, consisting of thirteen mirrored triangular structures that stand at eight feet high over a grassy field; each side of the triangles is four feet wide. Historic Fort York becomes the ideal scenario for this installation. Here reality and its reflection collide as people walk though the mirrored architecture. The artwork, activated—or rather completed—by the audience’s experience, promises to challenge the viewer’s perception of their surroundings, and the multiplicity of roles that we play within the City of Toronto.

Tri-Mirror Sculpture maps the possibility of a new place that allows for the revisitation and exploration of the pathways of Toronto’s history. Through the juxtaposition of reality and reflection, the piece alludes to the coexistence of past, present and future that is at play in the space that hosts this installation. Moreover, it invites us to reflect on the rapid growth of our city and the roads that are still to be explored.

Billio is particularly interested in collective experiences and the ways in which his work is perceived by groups of people. Following on the footsteps of Marcel Duchamp, Billio considers his installation to be only the conduct to a larger process, and surrenders the ability to complete the artwork to the viewer.

A sense of displacement emanates from Tri-Mirror Sculpture and as a result, we witness the appearance of an open, neutral, yet deeply engaged space: neither the artist, nor any of the attendees can control the social interactions that will occur within the installation. Tri-Mirror Sculpture is playful piece, which reciprocally modulates their relationships. It reflects multiple behaviors, expressions of singular generations, philosophies, religions and cultures that conform Canada today.

Canada Day @ Fort York - July 1 - FREE!

Friday, July 1, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Spend Canada's special day at Fort York, the birthplace of urban Toronto! The Fort's Summer Guard kick off the season performing musket and artillery drill as well as fife and drum music. Canada Day 2016 features Toronto artist Bruno Billio's Tri-Mirror Sculpture Field – a playful maze of mirrors to explore outdoors on the grounds of Fort York! Kids can also enjoy various take-away crafts, face-painting, hula-hooping and storytelling sessions! Grab a Fort York temporary tattoo and your own Canadian flag to show your pride! Enjoy the varied tours, bring a picnic and learn the exciting story of this National Historic Site.

This free Celebrate Canada event is supported by a grant from the Government of Canada

The Summer at Fort York - Daily 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

10 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Thrill to the booming of the cannon, the firing of muskets, the vibrant colours of the uniformed guard and the lively music of fife and drum. These are the sights and sounds of Fort York this summer. Visitors will enjoy hourly demonstrations of military music, drill, musketry and artillery performed by students representing the Canadian Fencible Regiment that was garrisoned at the fort at the end of the War of 1812. Highlights include musket and cannon firings, and the music of the Fort York Drums (a fife & drum corps). Program varies daily. Call for specific details.

Regular admission: Adults: $7.96, Seniors (65 +): $4.87, Youth (13-18 yrs.): $4.87
Children (6-12yrs): $3.76 (plus tax), Children 5 and under are Free

Panorama - July 31 & August 1

Sunday, July 31 & Monday, August 1
Hours TBD
Family friendly events for the Caribbean Carnival weekend. Outdoor picnic, great food, Caribbean dance performances, Soca music, and a spectacular steel band competition, including youth bands, award winning Toronto ensembles Pan Fantasy Steelband and Afropan Steelband, plus special guests Fusion Steel Orchestra direct from Trinidad.

Presented by Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival, Pan Arts Network, and Fort York.