Accepted items at curbside


Electronic waste is collected curbside. In addition, items may be dropped off at several of our Drop-off Depots. There is no charge to dispose of electronic waste.


If you have more garbage than will fit in your bin, you can leave extra garbage bags beside the Garbage Bin for collection. To expect collection of extra garbage bags, you must attach a City-issued bag tag to each garbage bag. Garbage bag tags can be purchased for $3.39 each at your local Canadian Tire store.

If you frequently have overflow of garbage, perhaps you need a larger size Garbage Bin. To arrange an exchange, call 311 or request online - your annual fee will be adjusted accordingly.

Green Bin

Green bin

Is your Green Bin filling up and overflowing each week? Put excess material in a see-through bag and place it beside the Green Bin (no special bag is required as long as it's see-through, but please use one large bag instead of many small ones). We recommend that you put non-food waste (e.g. diapers, animal waste) in this bag and place it out by 7 a.m. the morning of collection. There is no item limit for Green Bin organics, provided each item weighs no more than 20 kg (approximately 44 lbs.). Green bin collection is weekly.

You can purchase a second Green Bin at Container Pick-up Locations.

Metal items

Special collectionSpecial collection

Place metal items such as appliances, barbecues (no propane tanks), bed frames, bicycles, furnaces, hot water heaters, metal bath tubs, storage sheds, etc. next to your Garbage Bin for free pick-up. No collection appointment is needed.

  • Large metal items should be dismantled, bundled and/or tied.
  • Remove doors from refrigerators, oven and other appliances.
  • Non-metal parts, such as bicycle seats, go in your Garbage Bin.
  • Sofa beds

    It is not necessary to separate the metal frame from the sofa. For safety reasons, the frame should be tied to void it from springing open.

Set out

  • Non-metal parts, such as bicycle seats and tires, go in your Garbage Bin.
  • For safety, remove doors and locks from fridges, freezers, ovens and other appliances.

Oversized items

Bulky items - sofaOversize items - toilet

Items can be left next to your Garbage Bin for free regular pick-up, without requiring tags or special arrangements. Check Waste Wizard for information about proper set out procedures for your item.

Place oversize items (Box springs, baby car seats, furniture, lamps, luggage, mattresses, patio furniture, skis, toilets, etc.) next to your Garbage Bin. Things that would never fit in your Garbage Bin, even when empty, are considered oversized. No tags or special arrangements are needed. The City collects these items in a separate truck for either reuse, recycling or disassembling at no cost and keeps them out of the landfill.

  • Toilets

    Tank must be removed from bowl.

  • Carpeting, underpad and linoleum

    Items must be tied in rolls measuring no longer than 1.2 metres (4 feet) and weighing less than 20 kgs/44 lbs.

Set out

  • Put oversized items 0.5 metre (2 feet) away from your Garbage Bin (not in it).
  • Please take apart or separate large heavy items, if possible.

Note: Bed Bugs - Salvage and disposal options. Many people feel that throwing away an infested piece of furniture will get rid of bed bugs. This may reduce the number of bed bugs, but does not help the overall problem. Furniture should only be thrown out if it can no longer be used or properly cleaned. For proper set out procedures for items containing bed bugs, refer to Bed Bug Guidelines.

Carpets, underpads

Other bulky items

Roll, cut and tie carpeting into bundles and place them out on your regular garbage collection day. Bundles must be no longer than 1.2 metres (4 ft.), weigh not more than 20 kg (approximately 44 lbs.).


There is no item limit for recycling. If you occasionally have overflow with your recyclables, either leave it for next recycling collection or consider asking your neighbours if they have room in their Blue Bin. If you frequently have overflow, please exchange your bin for a larger one. To arrange an exchange, call 311 or request online.

Don't bag recycling. We want recycling placed in the bin loose so that each item can be sorted into a specific category.

Any items received at the sorting facility that are inside black or green "garbage" bags or opaque (non-clear) grocery/shopping bags are considered non-recyclable materials. These bags are not opened and the contents are not sorted.

In addition, when recycling material is bagged, any liquids from the containers cannot drain out. The liquids can stink and can contaminate the recycling sorting operation. When containers are placed in the recycling bin loose, any liquids can drain out before the material reaches the sorting facility.

Put items in loose. You can fit more in your Blue Bin because loose items take up less space.

  • Use a reuseable bag or container to collect your recycling
  • Tip loose recycling items into your Blue Bin
  • Flatten containers such as cereal, detergent boxes, milk juice and soup cartons and corrugated cardboard boxes (do not flatten bottles)

Shredded paper
Put shredded paper in a clear plastic bag.

Due to the small size of the pieces, shredded paper does not go through the same sorting procedure as the rest of the recycling materials. It needs to be contained in a clear bag so that when it is received at the sorting facility, the entire clear bag of shredded paper can be removed from the mix of items and carried to a different area containing the larger sized paper that has already been sorted by the machines. The clear bag of shredded paper is then opened and the contents emptied with the other paper to be shipped to market.

Yard Waste

Yard waste collectionYard waste collection

Yard waste must be set out at the curb in Kraft paper yard waste bags or rigid, open-topped containers (extra garbage can, bushel basket). No plastic bags and no grass clippings are allowed.

Yard waste collection

Secure brush and branches in bundles and set out at the curb on your yard waste collection day in accordance with your local collection calendar. Bundles must be no longer than 1.2 metres (4 ft.), no more than .6 metres (2 ft.) in diameter and weigh no more than 20 kg (approximately 44 lbs.). There is no item limit for yard waste.

Tree limbs, trunks and stumps

This type of waste is not collected or accepted at City's Drop-off Depots if the diameter of the wood exceeds 7.5 cm (3 inches).

For limbs, trunks and stumps of this size from other areas of the City please make arrangements with a private company specializing in handling this type of waste.

Grass clippings are not collected. See the grasscycle page for more information.

Christmas trees (natural)

Christmas trees are collected in January. Check your calendar.

These trees are collected by separate trucks, shredded and made into finished compost. On average, the City collects about 100,000 trees each year. About 80,000 tonnes of leaf, yard waste and Christmas trees are diverted from landfill each year helping us move toward our goal of 70 per cent diversion.

Trees are composted and for this reason they must be free of:

  • tree bags
  • tinsel
  • ornaments
  • nails
  • tree skirts
  • stands

The City will not collect Christmas trees set out in plastic bags or tree bags. Trees should be clear of snow and ice and easily accessible for collection.

Any trees that are not collected in January, must be brought back onto your property, and placed out for yard waste pick-up (when it resumes in March). Christmas trees are accepted at Drop-off Depots that accept yard waste.

If placing a Christmas tree out for collection when yard waste collection resumes in spring, the maximum length for collection of the tree is 1.2 metres (4 feet). If your tree exceeds this size, it must be cut down to the acceptable size.

Note: Yard waste is not collected with Christmas trees. Christmas tree collection and processing is different from yard waste. Yard waste trucks and staff are not available for additional materials.

Call 311 to report a missed Christmas tree collection

Commercial properties
The City does not collect trees from commercial properties.

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