Animal Services


Spay and Neuter Services

Toronto Animals Services provides veterinary care for animals awaiting adoption at our shelters, as well as spay and neuter clinics for:

  • domestic cats owned by Toronto residents
  • feral cats from Toronto colonies
  • cats and dogs awaiting adoption in our shelters


Update: Spay-neuter clinic closed for renovations

The Toronto Animal Services' Spay/Neuter Clinic will be closed effective immediately for renovations. During this time, you can continue to contact the clinic staff, such as to speak to our staff about any past surgeries on your pets and for inquiries about the spay/neuter service.  

Spay-neuter bookings to begin again in spring 2015

We expect to re-open the clinic in spring 2015.  Please visit this webpage in March to request your pet cat's sterilization appointment online.